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BUNDLE: Stuart: These 6 Things + Stuart: Distance Learning Supplement to These 6 Things

BUNDLE: Stuart: These 6 Things + Stuart: Distance Learning Supplement to These 6 Things


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Author Dave Stuart, Jr., has compiled writings from his blog,, that have received high acclaim from teachers and school leaders throughout the 2020 - 2021 schoolyear. In this time like no other, Dave reminds educators to remain focused on what really matters: your self-care and the relationships you form with students. The 10 articles in this supplement focus on “Things That Help Sustain” and “Things That Help Improve.” When read in conjunction with Dave’s bestselling book, These 6 Things, educators will find themselves nodding along…and making plans to follow Dave’s sage guidance.

Streamline literacy instruction while increasing student achievement

Dave R. Stuart Jr.’s work is centered on a simple belief: all students and teachers can flourish. Yet that seemingly simple goal can feel unattainable when teachers are expected to teach core content within the disciplines and improve literacy in their classrooms. How can teachers and students flourish under so much pressure?

Stuart’s advice: Take a deep breath and refocus on six known best practices— establish and strengthen key beliefs, then build knowledge and increase reading, writing, speaking and listening, and argumentation in every content area, every day. These 6 Things is all about streamlining your practice so that you’re teaching smarter, not harder, and kids are learning, doing, and flourishing in ELA and content-area classrooms. In this essential new resource, teachers will receive

  • Proven, classroom-tested advice delivered in an approachable, teacher-to-teacher style that builds confidence
  • Practical strategies for streamlining instruction in order to focus on key beliefs and literacy-building activities
  • Solutions and suggestions for the most common teacher and student “hang-ups”
  • Numerous recommendations for deeper reading on key topics

In addition to teaching English and world history for more than a decade, Stuart is well-known for his blog, which has over 35,000 visitors each month. This popular resource has been a beacon of light for more than 10,000 subscribers who refuse to freak out about the everyday challenges of teaching in a high-stakes era. He presents professional development workshops and institutes for schools around the United States and offers a number of online learning tools and experiences on his website.

Distance Learning Supplement to THESE 6 THINGS
Chapter 1. Teaching Toward Everest
Part I: Start With the Heart
Chapter 2. Cultivate Key Beliefs
Part II: Making Mastery
Chapter 3. Build Knowledge Purposefully and Often
Chapter 4. Argue Purposefully and Often
Part III: Literacy-Rich Learning Experiences
Chapter 5. Read Purposefully and Often
Chapter 6. Write Purposefully and Often
Chapter 7. Speak and Listen Purposefully and Often
Chapter 8. Onward and Upward
A Gift For You
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David Ralph Stuart Jr.

DAVE STUART JR. is a husband and father who teaches high schoolers in Cedar Springs, Michigan. His blog on teaching,, is read by tens of thousands of people each month. When he's not teaching or spending time with his family, Dave enjoys traveling around the United States speaking to and for teachers. More About Author