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Building Smart Teams

Building Smart Teams
A Roadmap to High Performance

October 2004 | 208 pages | SAGE Response
Building Smart Teams is an essential guide to creating high-performance teams fast. Based on research results from close to 2,000 individuals organized in more than 250 teams, this text identifies the three critical skills that teams need and shows how to transfer these skills to a group.

This book is packed with exercises, diagnostic tools, tips, and techniques to use with groups which are time-tested with more than 100 groups trained by the authors.

Building Smart Teams  
Building Smart Teams  
A Roadmap to High Performance—An Introduction  
Creating Smart Team Management Practices  
Team Problem Solving for Pros  
Handling Team Conflict  
Fostering a Supportive Infrastructure for Teams  
References and Suggested Further Reading  

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Carol A. Beatty

Carol A. Beatty is a leading expert in the human and organizational issues that result from implementing change and has been teaching and conducting research in this field for 18 years. She is currently Director of the Queen’s University Industrial Relations Centre and Associate Professor at the Queen’s School of Business. She is a sought-after speaker, consultant, and trainer for a large number of national and international clients. Dr. Beatty recently completed a major study of high-performance work teams in several Canadian organizations. Through her research, she has identified three critical sets of process skills for building high... More About Author

Brenda A. Barker Scott

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