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Building Connections Between Literacy and Numeracy

Building Connections Between Literacy and Numeracy
What If Your ABCs Were Your 123s?

First Edition

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120 pages | SAGE India

Transform the way you think about and teach elementary-level mathematics!

While many teachers feel confident about their preparation and strategic repertoire for literacy instruction, some are less confident about their preparation and content depth for teaching math. Based on the idea that mathematics and reading are two subject areas more alike than different, Building Connections Between Literacy and Numeracy illustrates the parallels between literacy and numeracy, helping elementary teachers take what they know about teaching literacy and applying that knowledge to strengthen their math instruction.

Designed for the elementary levels, this practical handbook illustrates how teachers can deepen their own mathematical understanding and improve students' achievement by providing

 - Teaching scenarios that model the crossover of strategies
 - Comprehension strategies to develop and strengthen students' grasp of foundational concepts
 - Instructional approaches to help students value mathematics and feel competent in their abilities to reason, solve problems, and communicate their thinking
 - Student work samples illustrating literacy and math connections

Gain a detailed, comprehensive understanding of the relationship between literacy and numeracy and significantly increase your effectiveness in mathematics instruction!

What If?
What Do Good Readers and Mathematicians Look Like?
What Does Understanding Look Like?
How Do Students Apply Their Understanding of Numbers?
How Do Teachers Connect Ideas to Practice?

Makes an interesting and thought-provoking contribution to the field of mathematics instruction. Looking at math and literacy as closely aligned language structures creates a need to rethink the strategies used for math instruction.

Catherine Hernandez, Second-Grade Teacher
Detroit Public Schools, MI

It's about time! Teaching literacy has been researched, written about, and rewritten so that it can be taught using the most effective methods for optimal learning. Little of this has transpired for mathematics. This book is very unique.

Deborah Gordon, Third-Grade Teacher
Madison Simis School, Phoenix, AZ

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Leslie G. Minton

Leslie Minton is currently a mathematics consultant for Math Matters 2, Portland, Maine. She is currently providing individualized mathematics professional development to area schools and districts PK-8, as well as, teaching Math Methods courses at the University of Southern Maine. Previously, Leslie was a Project Director for the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance, Augusta, Maine. She provided technical assistance to schools as well as designed a professional development course and diagnostic materials designed to support numeracy understanding. She is a fellow of the second cohort group of Governor’s Academy for Science and... More About Author