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Brain Re-engineering

Brain Re-engineering
The Art of Being Mentally Tough

First Edition

January 2003 | 218 pages | SAGE Response
This futuristic and truly thought provoking book uses a unique methodology to discuss a range of contemporary management issues, especially those relating to organizational change and innovation. The authors have conceptualized a unique neurobiological framework which is designed to rejuvenate human ingenuity, and to help solve the overwhelming range of economic and existential problems that individuals face on a day to day basis.

Written in a simple and engaging style, the authors maintain that their novel framework, based on brain processes, can play a critical role in solving problems and facing the challenges that threaten to engulf organizations in the current competitive environment.
The Need for a Neurobiological Framework
Annihilation of Stress and Gene Activation
Bottom-up Processing
Top-down Processing (I) Problem Solving
Top-Down Processing (II) Differentation and Innovation
Passive Processing: The Art of Being Mentally Tough [ABMT]
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N S Srinivasan

G Balasubramanian

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ISBN: 9780761997207