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Bourdieu and Culture

Bourdieu and Culture

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December 1999 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Pierre Bourdieu is on the leading socialologists of the present day and this book provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date description of Bourdieu's key concepts, some previously unavailable to English readers. It demonstrates why Bourdieu's ideas remain central in contemporary sociology and it trades their connections with wider social thought. An accessible and readable imtroduction to Bourdieu's work, this book places him in intellectual and historical context, and shows how Bourdieu is best understood as a cultural analyst. It traces his development from his early work on education to his relationship to cultural sociology and cultural studies. The Book also gives detailed examples, drawn from Bourdieu's own work, to show how he makes sense of contemporary culture. Derek Robbins wrote the first full-length introduction to Bourdieu's work in English in 1991. This new book is the product of mature reflection on the relevance and importance of Bourdieu's thought.
An Insider/Outside Frenchman
The Socio-Genesis of the Thinking Instruments
Production, Reception and Reproduction
Flaubert and the Social Ambivalence of Literary Invention
Courr[gr]eges, the Fashion System and Anti-Semiology
Manet, the Mus[ac]ee d'Orsay and the Installation of Art
Evaluating Fragmented Responses
Charting Interminable Territory

Commending the Bourdieu Paradigm: The Sociologist as Conceptual Artist


Derek Robbins

Derek Robbins is Professor of International Social Theory in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of East London. He is the author of The Work of Pierre Bourdieu (1991) and of Bourdieu and Culture (2000); the editor of the 4-volume collection of articles on Bourdieu in the Sage Masters of Contemporary Social Thought series (2000) and of a 3-volume collection of articles on Lyotard in the same series (2004). His On Bourdieu, Education and Society was published by Bardwell Press in July, 2006, and he was the editor of the Special issue of Theory, Culture and Society on Bourdieu which was published as 23 (6) in... More About Author

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