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Books Permissions

If you would like to re-use content from any Sage book in another publication, please direct your request to

Please note that Sage does not hold the copyright to all the content we publish. This is particularly the case with collections including our Major Works/Reference programme and where some of the material will have been reproduced with the permission of another rightsholder. Please check the references to establish the correct copyright holder before contacting us.

Tips for a Successful Permissions Request

  • Ensure the content you want to re-use is not credited to another source. Sage can only grant permission for content original to our publications. 
  • Include as much identifying information as possible for the Sage content you want to re-use, including the ISBN, title, author(s) and page or chapter numbers.
  • Describe the re-use and what rights you need including languages, formats, territories and the expected print run required.
  • Send the request at least five weeks before you need to re-use the content as some requests can take up to four weeks to process.

Requests for Visually Impaired & Disabled Persons

Free PDF provision

Sage policy has always been to facilitate access to our content. Should a Sage title be requested by a visually impaired person, disabled or special needs individual or their academic institution, Sage will supply free PDF/e-files if we have them in our PDF archive.

Should you have any questions or requests for e-files of Sage titles for such use, please contact:

Conditions related to "PDF/e-files Supply" for Visually Impaired and Disabled Persons

In Sage supplying you with free PDF/e-files of the title(s) you require, we ask that you (and/or your student) please respect the following conditions listed below:

  1. Please use the PDF provided for your own personal research/study use only, not for shared access.
  2. Should any of your colleagues who are visually impaired or have any disabilities which prevent them from accessing a print copy also require this material, please ask them to contact Sage directly for alternative electronic formats. If they are not visually impaired or do not have any disabilities, please ask them to access the title from your institutional library or to please purchase the print version of this book.
  3. Do not distribute/transmit the PDF via any means, whether electronic or print, or use it in seminars for shared access. Please obtain permission for this separate use.
  4. Do not use the PDF for any monetary gain or for any commercial purpose - so please do not sell the PDF.
  5. Do not copy the PDF for any purpose other than for your own personal research or study use. Please obtain permission for this separate use.
  6. Do not post the PDF on any web site. Please obtain permission for this separate use.
  7. Do not license the PDF for any purpose.

Should you require to use the PDF for any use other than your own personal research or study use, please contact Sage Publications for permissions.