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Zing! Seven Creativity Practices for Educators and Students

Zing! Seven Creativity Practices for Educators and Students

January 2013 | 152 pages | Corwin
Pat Mora, an award-winning poet and author and a frequent guest speaker in schools, colleges, and libraries, has lead popular workshops on literacy and teacher creativity. Her workshop, Nurturing Creativity: Seven Practices for Educators and Students provided the foundation for this book as a response to numerous requests from teachers who were driven by the need to express themselves creatively and to nurture the creativity of their students.

Each practice for nurturing personal creativity has a corollary practice for nurturing student creativity. Throughout the book, Mora reaffirms her conviction that creative teachers are more effective teachers and emphasizes that every child's creative self must be valued—regardless of a child's cultural and linguistic background.

Written in the form of letters to teachers, Zing! Seven Creativity Practices for Educators and Students is a moving and inspirational volume that serves as a reminder to teachers that their work is important and that they are, indeed, community leaders.

About the Author
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1. Value Your Creative Self
Value Each Student's Creative Talents

2. Enjoy Quiet
Create Quiet Spaces for Students

3. Gather Your Materials
Motivate Students to Gather Their Materials

4. Begin Your Project
Assist Students to Begin Their Projects

5. Revise
Support Students With Revision

6. Share Your Creations
Create Sharing Opportunities for Students

7. Steadily Persist in Your Creative Work
Motivate Students to Persevere

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"Zing! is a wonderful book that encourages others to be creative by sharing what has worked for Pat Mora in all of her creative efforts. Sharing her seven habits for creativity is so Mora-ish. She is the most unselfish author I know."

Camila A. Alire, Dean Emeritus
University of New Mexico and Colorado State University

"In a series of letters to teachers written with her signature poetic grace, Pat Mora gently reminds us of the potential in ourselves and our students while expanding our understanding of the writing process through metaphoric descriptions of other common creative acts. Zing! is a book to be savored, shared, and returned to for inspiration."

Lee Galda, Professor
University of Minnesota

"In this era of mandates, accountability, and adherence to canned curricula, Pat Mora reminds us that great educators are fueled by passion and creativity. Mora reflects on her experiences working with teachers and students across the country, challenges us to reflect on our own experiences, and inspires us to think and act in new and more powerful ways."

Gary Bloom, Superintendent
Santa Cruz City Schools, Soquel, CA

"One of the most valuable things to me in any book I look at for my professional library is the references it shares to lead me other resources. I inevitably turn to the back to look for this, and Mora's book does not disappoint. Overall, it's a fairly quick read with a long afterlife."

Lisa Van Gemert
Gifted Youth Specialist, Mensa Foundation

Sample Materials & Chapters


Chapter One: Value Your Creative Self

Pat Mora

Pat Mora, a popular presenter across the country at conferences, campuses, libraries, and schools, speaks and offers workshops on literacy, creativity, leadership, the writing process, and serving diverse populations. “Sharing Bookjoy: Creative Literacy Leaders” and “ZING! Seven Creativity Practices for Educators and Students” are among her more popular themes.The author of award-winning books of nonfiction and poetry for adults and of many children’s books, Pat received honorary doctorates in letters from North Carolina State University and SUNY Buffalo and is an honorary member of the American Library Association. Among her other awards... More About Author

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