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Your Mentor

Your Mentor
A Practical Guide for First-Year Teachers in Grades 1-3

April 2001 | 180 pages | Corwin
This book is intended as a supplementary support system for new teachers. The author has surveyed student teachers, supply teachers, those returning to the profession, as well as teacher educators. The wide-ranging answers to "what would you like to see included in a teaching reference?" are here - everything from setting up a classroom to developing themes, instructional presentation, student assessment, and more.

Practical, easy-to-implement suggestions are provided for lesson plans, record keeping, using technology in the classroom, planning special events, and developing and maintaining professional credentials and portfolios. The author draws on her fourteen years of teaching experience to answer basic questions about the most important aspects of teaching. Actual samples of lesson units, themes, communications with parents, etc., are included, with easy-to-follow, classroom-tested suggestions.

Classroom Environment
Parent Communications
Parent Involvement
Instructional Planning
Developing Themes
Instructional Presentation
Differentiating of Instruction
Student Assessment and Record Keeping
Using Technology in the Classroom
Planning for Special Events
Professionalism in Teaching

Mary Presson Roberts

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