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You Don't Have to Dread Cafeteria Duty

You Don't Have to Dread Cafeteria Duty
A Guide to Surviving Lunchroom, Recess, Bus, and "Other Duties as Assigned"

May 1998 | 104 pages | Corwin
This book is a useful guide to making the onerous `extra' duties in primary schools more enjoyable and educational. A multitude of ideas are presented for creating a positive learning environment in the lunchroom and in the playground, and for creating a relaxing experience for teachers assigned to those duties.
The Dreaded School Cafeteria Scene
What Could Be
Making The Dream Come True
As Simple as 1-2-3
Managing the Phases of Lunch Time

Teaching Restaurant-Like Behavior
Deciding Decor
From Institutional Blah to Affordable Pizzaz

Building Excitement for the Project
Grand Opening
Maintaining and Celebrating Accomplishments
Managing `Other Duties as Assigned'
Bon Appetit


Dori E. Novak

Joanne C. Strohmer

Joanne C. Wachter is a writer and consultant with expertise in education. Her teaching experience includes elementary school and middle school stints as a classroom teacher and language arts supervisor. More About Author

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