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Writing Year-End Teacher Improvement Plans-Right Now!!

Writing Year-End Teacher Improvement Plans-Right Now!!
The Principal's Time-Saving Reference Guide

Second Edition

120 pages | Corwin
This step-by-step guidebook and interactive CD-ROM is the perfect companion to Writing Meaningful Teacher Evaluations - Right Now!! The guidebook addresses every part of the improvement plan clearly and comprehensively, including a list of proficiency categories, vocabulary aids, and sample improvement plans. Now all the forms, formats, and reports are available in an interactive database on the companion CD-ROM. You will be able to select and plug in proficiency statements ùstatements you can edit, alter, or cut and paste 'on the fly.' It is a flexible, intelligent, and time-saving tool for all evaluators! The CD-ROM is PC and MAC compatible and is not sold separately.
Preface to the Second Edition
About the Authors
Part I. The Essential Elements of the Improvement Plan
1. 65 Proficiency Categories
2. Glossary of Category Terms
3. 650 Proficiency Assessment Statements With Vocabulary Aids
Part II. The Improvement Plan Packet With Reproducible Forms
Part III. The Performance Progress and Improvement Plan
4. Completing the Analysis of Teacher Performance
5. Completing the Teacher Self-Assessment Form
6. Completing the Recommendations for Improvement/Action Plan
7. Completing the Summative Report
8. Completing the Professional Development Report
Part IV. The Document in Action
9. Writing Suggestions for Improvement and Action Plans
10. Sample Performance Progress and Improvement Plan

“This book gives me a time-saving method for keeping an ongoing record of my dialogue with my staff about our vision for the school and our individual professional goals. It sets a standard for a practical approach that enables me to help my staff in their instructional performance. The authors are to be commended!”

James Burke, Assistant to the Superintendent
Jersey City Board of Education, NJ

“The second edition has definitely outdone the first! This book is an essential tool. It helps me keep current and gives my teachers a road map for how they can improve.”

Donald Howard, Director, GED-Education Department
Hudson County Correction Center, NJ

"This book allows me to be a part of the improvement process with my teachers. It is a compendium of ideas, concepts, and theory, and the user-friendly CD-ROM has saved me time in the preparation of my reports.”

Larry Odom, Principal
Snyder High School, Jersey City, NJ

"I have been teaching for over 30 years, and I finally have material in one book that gives me an opportunity to know the expectations of my overall instructional progress."

Christine Polychronis, English Teacher
Snyder High School, Jersey City, NJ

“I am a beginning teacher, and by using this book, my principal and I have an opportunity to meet and discuss what is needed in my growth as an educator."

Luz Aurora Streater, Teacher
PS #11 Martin Luther King Jr., Jersey City, NJ

"This book gives me confidence knowing that I have a ready-reference to help my staff when they need it. My staff feels that they can approach me for tangible advice that will contribute to their success."

James J. Jacobson, Associate Professor of Education
St. Peter's College

"This book is a must for the busy administrator who wants to create well-written teacher improvement plans that will shape authentic and individualized professional development in their staff, ultimately affecting achievement in their students as well."

Michael Fisher, Critical Thinking Specialist
Starpoint Middle School, Lockport, NY

Cornelius L. Barker

Cornelius L. Barker is a much sought-after lecturer for school and community groups on the subject of current cognitive and behavioral trends exhibited by today’s youth. His career in education has spanned more than 25 years in the capacity of classroom teacher and administrator on both the elementary and secondary levels.   More About Author

Claudette J. Searchwell

Claudette J. Searchwell is a retired elementary school principal whose career spanned has 34 years in the public schools. Her service in the field of education includes posts as classroom teacher, assistant principal and principal, assistant director of a federal basic skills program, and coordinator of citywide afterschool and summer programs. Her post-retirement position was that of adjunct professor at Kean University in Union, New Jersey, where she served as supervisor of pre-certification students engaged in their senior internship. Claudette is currently an education contributor to a charter school. More About Author

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