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Write for Mathematics

Write for Mathematics

Second Edition

August 2006 | 296 pages | Corwin
Research shows that engaging students in writing about mathematics can improve a learner's overall math understanding. Addressing NCTM standards, Write for Mathematics, Second Edition, offers a wide range of practical writing strategies that can be used with students to deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts and theories.

The process of incorporating writing into mathematics instruction need not seem daunting. This step-by-step handbook provides:

Ten specific writing strategies that foster mathematical thinking and understanding

Clear directions for using each strategy with students

Application of the strategies to target NCTM standards

A wide variety of examples at all levels

Strategies that can be used with any mathematics curriculum

A generous collection of reproducibles

About the Authors
1. Writing and Mathematics: An Introduction
2. Taxonomies: The Words and Symbols of Mathematics
3. Composing With Keywords: Mathematical Word Play
4. Metacognition for Mathematical Thinking
5. Defining Format for Mathematical Clarity
6. Morphology and Etymology for Expanding Mathematical Vocabulary
7. Profiles and Frames for Organizing Mathematical Information
8. Reasons, Procedures, and Results to Explain Mathematical Ideas and Concepts
9. Who’s Who in Mathematics for Biographies and Careers Related to Mathematics
10. Where in the World for Relating Geography to Mathematics
11. Personifications and Interactions for Knowledge and Humor
12. Mathematically Literate: Knowing, Applying, and Communicating Mathematics
Resource A: Rubrics for Writing for Mathematics
Resource B: Reproducible Templates for Students

"In today’s educational environment, there is a tremendous push to incorporate writing in all content areas, including mathematics. This book does an excellent job of presenting unique ideas and techniques to help teachers develop students’ writing skills within a mathematics classroom.  The authors present these ideas in such a way that they become a part of the mathematics instruction."

Sarah Lamb, Math Teacher
Owensboro Middle School, KY

"The strategies in Write for Mathematics helped my math students to not only write about mathematics but also to think about mathematics."

Lynda Ann DeLuca, Teacher and Math Coach
Ann G. McGuinness Intermediate School, Endicott, NY

"The integration of writing and mathematics is powerful instruction. This book provides ready-to-use strategies that will result in effective math instruction, and more important, students will enjoy math class again. This is an outstanding resource."

Natalie R. Scavone, New Visions Teacher Education Preparation Instructor
Cayuga-Onondaga Board of Cooperative Educational Services, NY

"The blend of writing examples and emphasis on thought ensures that students receive an excellent link between concept and written word."

California Bookwatch, November 2006

It isn't research-based enough for dissertation students. It's more pedagogical.

Dr Byung-In Seo
Ed Leadership Curric Fdnt Dept, Chicago State University
April 3, 2016

ETSP 556 01 Assessing & Teaching Mathematics to Students w/ Special Needs

Ms Charity Mack
Education Dept, Regent University - Virginia Beach
November 2, 2009

Sample Materials & Chapters


Chapter 1

Andrew S. Rothstein

Andrew S. Rothstein has had a distinguished career as a teacher, administrator, and researcher. His diverse and enriching experiences in international schools, special education, public schools, and consulting have given him a broad perspective of the contexts in which children learn. As an author and presenter, he has achieved wide acclaim for his work in improving school performance by focusing on improving instruction and its supervision. His work in integrating many subject areas through writing has been highly effective in improving test scores in districts across the country. As principal, Rothstein led site-based improvements that... More About Author

Evelyn B. Rothstein

Evelyn Rothstein has been an educational consultant specializing in teaching writing across the curriculum for the past twenty years. With a background in classroom teaching and a specialization in linguistics and language development, she has trained teachers and implemented her strategy-based Writing As Learning and Write for Mathematics programs in hundreds of schools and school districts throughout the United States. She is the author of numerous books and articles, including Writing as Learning and Write for Mathematics. Rothstein is a graduate of the City University of New York and Teachers College, Columbia University with degrees... More About Author

Gerald Lauber

Dr. Gerald Lauber, currently Chief Operating Officer of the National Urban Alliance previously served as superintendent in three New York State school districts, where he initiated programs to meet the needs of diverse student populations while stabilizing long-range fiscal plans. Under his administration, state-of-the-art computer assisted instructional programs, as well as innovative writing and mathematics programs were put into place. As President and CEO of Purewater Sciences and Melric Technologies he developed a corporate perspective on what schools must provide to prepare children for success in the workplace and the world in which... More About Author

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