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What Successful Teachers Do

What Successful Teachers Do
101 Research-Based Classroom Strategies for New and Veteran Teachers

Second Edition
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January 2009 | 272 pages | Corwin
New and veteran teachers often receive and share advice and encouragement with mentors and colleagues and through induction programs. This updated edition of the bestseller enhances that support with solid research-based methodologies, commonsense techniques, and practical applications. Covering topics ranging from collaborating with learners and the community to classroom discipline and student assessment, this easy-to-follow handbook helps new teachers as they tackle instructional challenges for the first time and provides new solutions for veteran teachers looking for fresh ideas. With 101 strategies for managing all aspects of classroom instruction, professional growth, and schoolmmunity relationships, What Successful Teachers Do, Second Edition is a resource all teachers will reference throughout their careers.
Foreword by Stephen Sroka
About the Authors
1. Interacting and Collaborating With Students
2. Managing the Classroom Environment, Time, and Discipline
3. Organizing Curricular Goals, Lesson Plans, and Instructional Delivery
4. Using Student Assessment and Feedback to Maximize Instructional Effectiveness
5. Celebrating Diversity in the Classroom
6. Integrating Technology in the Classroom
7. Enhancing Reading and Literacy Skills
8. Developing a Professional Identity
9. Fostering a Positive Relationship With Families and Community

"I cannot imagine any teacher who wants to be the best possible teacher not loving this book! This book will be well worn by any effective teacher who encounters it!"

Renee Peoples, Teacher/Math Coach
West Elementary School, Bryson City, NC

"I love this book! This an exciting way for new teachers to really target the important strategies that successful teachers use, as well as for veteran teachers to confirm the things that they are already doing right!"

Mary Ann Hartwick, Coordinator, LESD/ASU
Litchfield Elementary School District, Verrado, MS

"Excellent examples for the classroom teacher!"

Brigitte Tennis, Headmistress and Seventh-Grade Teacher
Stella Schola Middle School, Redmond, WA

"I have so enjoyed reading this incredibly helpful, meaningful, and easy-to-read book!"

Dara Feldman, Founder and CEO
The Heart of Education

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Neal A. Glasgow

Neal A. Glasgow's experience includes serving as a secondary school science and art teacher both in California and New York, as a university biotechnology teaching laboratory director and laboratory technician, and as an educational consultant and frequent speaker on many educational topics. He is the author or coauthor of ten books on educational topics: What Successful Schools Do to Involve Families: Fifty Research-Based Strategies for Teachers and Administrators (2008), What Successful Literacy Teachers Do: 70 Research-Based Strategies for Teachers, Reading Coaches, and Instructional Planners (2007), What Successful Teachers Do in... More About Author

Cathy D. Hicks

Cathy D. Hicks most recently directed the Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) program for the San Dieguito Union High School District in Southern California. She oversaw an induction program supporting beginning teachers. She served for ten years on the executive board of the California Association of School Health Educators (CASHE) and has been an adjunct faculty member at California State University at San Marcos. She is co-author of five books: What Successful Teachers Do: 91 Research-Based Strategies for New and Veteran Teachers (2003); What Successful Mentors Do: 81 Research- Based Strategies for New Teacher Induction,... More About Author

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