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What Every Teacher Should Know About the Profession and Politics of Teaching

What Every Teacher Should Know About the Profession and Politics of Teaching

March 2014 | 96 pages | Corwin
Topics included in this book cover, accountability, school choice, quality teaching, and standards, as well as the teacher's role as a member of the professional learning community that includes parents, mentor teachers, colleagues, administrators, and teacher organizations. An in-depth chapter covers parent-teacher communications and planning for parent-teacher conferences. The book also includes resources on legislation; utilizing school, community, state, and national resources; common mistakes teachers make and how to avoid them; a chart of essential information for teacher success; and more.
About the Author
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1. The Politics of Teaching
Accountability and Testing

Flexible Use of Federal Resources

School Choice

Quality Teachers and Quality Teaching

2. Being Part of a Learning Community
The Big Machine Approach

Accountability to the Larger System

Finding Resources

Working With Colleagues

Being Supervised

Quality Professional Development

3. Working With Parents
Begin at the Beginning

Ways to Communicate

The Parent-Teacher Conference

What If?

4. What Does the Future Hold?
The Changing Face of Education

The Move to Standards

Changing Ideas About the Teaching Process

The Teacher as a Professional: Why It Matters

How Can You Keep Up?

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Donna E. Walker Tileston

Donna Walker Tileston is a veteran teacher and administrator. She is currently the president of Strategic Teaching and Learning, a consulting firm that provides services to schools throughout the United States and worldwide. Donna’s publications include Ten Best Teaching Practices: How Brain Research, Learning Styles, and Standards Define Teaching Competencies (2000), which has been on Corwin's bestseller list since its first year in print, in addition to the ten-volume award-winning series What Every Teacher Should Know, now in its second edition. Other recent titles are Teaching Strategies for Active Learning (2006), Teaching Strategies... More About Author

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