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Unleashing India on World Markets

Unleashing India on World Markets
Let's Talk Exports

First Edition
  • Raghu Nandan - Consultant on Industrial Development in Emerging Countries

July 2001 | 416 pages | SAGE Response
Unleashing India on World Markets takes a hard look at the poor performance of Indian exports in various sectors, be it goods, services or tourism. Viewing the issue from a unique perspective, the book discusses possible measures the country can take to realise its full potential in the world market. Maintaining that shifting the blame onto the Government is neither helpful nor reflective of the entire story, it seeks to identify the real problems and bottlenecks. Drawing upon his 30 years of experience as a senior executive and consultant across 24 developing nations, Raghu Nandan does some plain speaking about the mindset of India’s business people and corporate leaders as also their very approach towards the business of exports. He addresses a number of pertinent issues, such as why Indian business people accord low priority to exports, the problems foreign buyers face in dealing with Indian Industry, and the problems Indian exporters have in dealing with and through non-resident Indians.
A Collection of Short Stories
Exports and Our Economy
Some Bottlenecks
The Mindset of the Competition
Commonsense Approach to Exports
Looking at Some Missed Opportunities
Selling to the Competition

Raghu Nandan

Raghu Nandan is a specialist consultant on Industrial Development. He has done a number of assignments with the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Co-operation (CFTC) of the Commonwealth Secretariat, London, for projects all over the developing world. He was an industrial development advisor to the seven-member Organisation of Eastern Caribbean Countries, West Indies. He was the Regional Representative for Asia for Government of Malta.Presently, the author is one of the founding Directors of Specialised Projects International (UK) Ltd., a multinational consultancy organisation operating out of Great Britain.Raghu Nandan has been visiting... More About Author

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