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Ten Things New Teachers Need to Succeed

Ten Things New Teachers Need to Succeed

Second Edition
Edited by:

June 2007 | 80 pages | Corwin
What are ten things that help new teachers get off to a good start?

How can educators excel in this complex, demanding, and ultimately rewarding profession?

These answers, along with high impact strategies, can be found in this must-have resource.

Filled with words of wisdom, practical advice, and action steps to achieve success in those critical first years, this powerful little booklet distills the teaching and consulting experience of an international author and teacher of teachers.

It includes:

- high-impact strategies for novice and

veteran practitioners

- how-to for communicating with parents

- techniques for planning for the


- a unique format for teacher teams to

discuss one chapter a month

- action steps to achieve success in the

crucial first years

This handy guide is a quick reference tool on everything from writing rubrics to communicating with parents to planning for the unexpected. Teams of new and experienced teachers can grow together by discussing and applying a chapter a month over a year.

1. A Knowing Colleague as Counsel: About the Policies, Practices, and Politics!
Proactively Seek a Mentor

Film Clip: Finding Forrester

2. A Place Called "My Room" for Students to Grow, to Groom, and to Zoom!
Create a Climate That Fosters Growth and Pride

Film Clip: Pay It Forward

3. A Method for Managing 1,500 Decisions: On Your Seat/On Your Feet!
Let Common Sense Rule the Moment of Decision

Film Clip: Teachers

4. A Discipline Plan That Works on Paper and on Students!
Be Consistent! Be Flexible!

Film Clip: To Sir With Love

5. A Standard Understanding of the Almighty Standards!
"Cluster" Standards Into Curriculum Content

Film Clip: Best of Saturday Night Live: Seinfeld-History Lesson

6. A Known Knowledge Base of Core Curriculum Content!
Map the Course - Then Talk With an Expert

Film Clip: Master and Commander

7. A Fail-Safe Lesson Design for Teachers to Teach and Learners to Learn!
Teach Them - Them Coach Them!

Film Clip: Dead Poet's Society

8. A Repertoire of Teaching Strategies: Different Strokes for Different Folks!

Tap Into the Talents of Each Learner

Film Clip: Akeelah and the Bee

9. A Love Affair With Assessment: Rubrics Are Our New Best Friend!
Share Criteria For Success With Students Before They Begin the Task

Film Clip: Music of the Heart

10. A Winning Way With Parents: To Report, Relate, and Celebrate
Involve Parents In the Teaching/Learning Process

Film Clip: Mr Holland's Opus


"The coverage is complete, ranging from finding a mentor to working with parents. The book is meant to be short and sweet, and it is."

Lori L. Grossman, Instructional Coordinator
Houston Independent School District, TX

"Describes ten basic, practical tenets for finding one’s way in the classroom. The book makes a distinct contribution by presenting the ten tenets in a very brief, readable format."

Mary Alice Barksdale, Associate Professor
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

"This book contains an introduction to key, practical tips for teaching success."

Rodger J. Beatty, Associate Dean, Faculty of Education
Brock University

"Ten common challenges are surveyed in depth, making for a specific set of strategies teachers will appreciate."

The Bookwatch, September 2007

Robin J. Fogarty

Robin Fogarty is President of RFA: A Robin Fogarty Company, a Chicago-based, minority-owned, educational publishing/consulting company. Robin received her doctorate in curriculum and human resource development from Loyola University of Chicago. A leading proponent of the thoughtful classroom, Robin has trained educators throughout the world in curriculum, instruction and assessment strategies.She has taught at all levels, from kindergarten to college, served as an administrator, and consulted with state departments and ministries of education in the United States, Puerto Rico, Russia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Great Britain,... More About Author

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