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Teaching Tech-Savvy Kids

Teaching Tech-Savvy Kids
Bringing Digital Media Into the Classroom, Grades 5-12

Edited by:
  • Jessica K. Parker - Sonoma State University, USA, University of California, Berkeley, USA

March 2013 | 216 pages | Corwin
Written for secondary school teachers, this resource expands educators' understanding of the relationship between their students and digital media and shows how to design learning opportunities that make the most of that relationship.

Based on the findings of a three-year study on youth and their use of digital media for informal learning, this book gives teachers a deeper awareness of the characteristics of "iGeneration culture" and the dynamic potential for student learning through digital media, such as fostering collaboration, creativity, feedback, and critiques.

Presented in a teacher-friendly format, each of the chapters include:

- A description of each digital medium

- A vignette about a young person using the medium

- Advice about navigating digital media for both novice and expert teachers, plus activities and sidebars

- A section addressing myths related to each medium

- A section on pedagogical implications and practices, including activities

Teaching Tech Savvy Kids provides examples of how to integrate digital media into secondary classrooms, explains how key characteristics of digital media can help to revitalize pedagogical practices, and increases teachers' options for offering more engaged, student-centered learning opportunities.

Foreword by Glynda Hull
About the Author
About the Contributors
Jessica K. Parker
1. Understanding Youth and New Media
danah boyd and Jessica K. Parker
2. Hanging Out With Friends: MySpace, Facebook, and Other Networked Publics
Patricia G. Lange and Jessica K. Parker
3. YouTube: Creating, Connecting, and Learning Through Video
Jessica K. Parker
4. Wikipedia: The Online Encyclopedia Based on Collaborative Knowledge
Becky Herr-Stephenson and Jessica K. Parker
5. Role-Playing: Writing and Performing Beyond the Classroom
Jessica K. Parker and Maryanne Berry
6. Virtual Worlds: Designing, Playing and Learning
Erin B. Reilly
7. Remix Culture: Digital Music and Video Remix, Opportunities for Creative Production
Jessica K. Parker
8. Conclusion

"Until we understand the powerful learning, collaborating, and producing that teenagers do with their cell phones, mp3 players, laptops, and the Internet, we won’t understand how we can best utilize those technologies in our classrooms. Whether you’re a digital native new to the classroom or a veteran teacher struggling to learn your students’ Internet lingo, this book is your guide to 21st-century teenagers, literacy, and learning. After 17 years teaching middle school English, I know that I can’t teach literacy today without this book."

Laura Maslin Bradley, English Teacher
Kenilworth Junior High School, Petaluma, CA

"A concise, well-written book, perfect for teachers who are unfamiliar with the technology their students use and how to apply it in their classrooms in a meaningful way."

Karen Scott
Library Media Connection magazine, November/December 2010

Text was returned.

Patrick Jenlink
Secondary Leadership Educ Dept, Stephen F Austin State University
May 11, 2013

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Jessica K. Parker

Jessica K. Parker is currently an assistant professor at Sonoma State University, and she studies how high schools integrate multimedia literacy into academic literacy learning. She has taught middle school, high school and college students for over a decade and has also created and taught professional development courses for teachers. She has published teacher-researcher articles in English Journal, and has presented at national conventions such as AERA, National Media Education Conference, NCTE Assembly for Research, and many others. Jessica completed her undergraduate and graduate work at the University of California, Berkeley; she has... More About Author

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