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Teaching High School Science Through Inquiry and Argumentation

Teaching High School Science Through Inquiry and Argumentation

Second Edition

January 2013 | 280 pages | Corwin
Teaching High School Science Through Inquiry is one of the few print resources devoted exclusively to developing and enhancing teachers' capacity to teach through scientific inquiry in grades 9-12.

The second edition has been revised to include:

-More emphasis on developing the prerequisite attitude and mind-set for becoming an inquiry-based teacher

-Increased focus on scientific argumentation

-Updated list of recommended resources

The new edition of this best-seller ensures teachers have an up-to-date resource and solid guidance in integrating scientific argumentation into their lessons, and balancing the theory and practice of implementing an inquiry-based science classroom.

About the Author
Chapter 1: Constructing an Understanding of Inquiry
Chapter 2: Constructing an Understanding of Scientific Argumentation
Chapter 3: Learning About Inquiry and Argumentation Through Case Studies
Chapter 4: Choosing to Become an Inquiry-Based Teacher
Chapter 5: Developing a Philosophy for Inquiry
Chapter 6: Four Levels of Science Inquiry
Chapter 7: Modifying a Lab Activity Into an Inquiry- and Argument-Based Investigation
Chapter 8: Managing the Inquiry-Based Classroom
Chapter 9: Developing Effective Questioning Skills
Chapter 10: Assessing Scientific Inquiry
Chapter 11: Creating a Classroom Culture of Inquiry and Argumentation
Resource A: Resources for High School Science Teachers
Resource B: Bottle Handout

"This books in a valuable resource for advancing the scientific practices in the Next Generation Science Standards. Dr. Llewellyn's approach to situating argumentation into inquiry-based teaching and learning, will support teacher educators in realizing the central role argumentation plays in helping students make defensible connection between claims, data, evidence, and explanations. Not only is this a timely publication, but one that is sure to be well-used."

Page Keeley
Past President, National Science Teachers Association

"Like his first edition, this book is essential reading for both new and veteran science teachers. With the publication of the new AP Biology curriculum and its inquiry based labs, as well as the soon to come Next Generation Science Standards, it has never been more important to integrate inquiry into our classrooms."

James Dixon
2012 Massachusetts Outstanding Biology Teacher of the Year

"This book is a comprehensive resource to aid teachers who are interested in initiating a 'student–centered' classroom and improving scientific literacy of their students in an effort to meet national science standards."

NSTA Recommends, February 2013

Douglas J. Llewellyn

Douglas Llewellyn teaches science education courses at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY. Previously, he was the K-12 Director of Science at the Rochester City School District, a secondary school principal, and a middle school science teacher. Llewellyn is a frequent speaker at state and national conferences on inquiry- and argument-based teaching, constructivist learning, and science leadership. More About Author

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