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Teaching Essential Mathematics, Grades K-8

Teaching Essential Mathematics, Grades K-8
Increasing Engagement and Building Understanding of Key Concepts

December 2007 | 152 pages | Corwin
Teaching Essential Mathematics, Grades K-8 provides an overview of the most essential concepts students must acquire in depth as they move through school. Written by a national consultant in mathematics instruction and assessment, this book puts expertise in teachers' hands with friendly text and clear examples of how to teach in ways that will lay a foundation of mathematics success for students. The author supplies background information for teaching in each key area of mathematics, including how each concept looks at upper and lower grades. This resource also offers educators supplementary lessons to strengthen their skills in the critical areas of mathematics instruction, no matter what primary resources they are using for instruction.
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1. Number and Operations

A Case for "Why?"

Calculator Application: Multiplying Fractions

Double Take


Make It With an Abacus

2. Algebra

Catch the Beat

Growing Patterns


Divide and Conquer

Raising the Stakes

3. Geometry

Make Figures "Happen"

Hands-On Shapes

Guess My Pattern

Crazy Quilts

Fold It Right There!

4. Measurement

How So?

Calculator Application: Finding the Measures of the Two Acute Angles of a Right Triangle

I Scream . . . You Scream . . .

How They Stack Up

Calculator Application: Surface Area of a Rectangular Solid

5. Data Analysis and Probability
Even the Odds


Calculator Application: Determining the Sum of Two Randomly Selected Numbers as Odd or Even

Read More About It!

Living Graphs

Fire and Ice

Games of Chance

Appendix: Worksheet Blackline Masters

"Putting together a book for teachers that contains 'tried and tested' lessons created by award-winning educators is very important and useful. The activities can be used to help students understand the reason for the algorithms. Students should not just learn 'how,' but also 'why.'"

Carrie Chiappetta, Math Teacher
Magnet Middle School, Stamford, CT

"This is a much needed resource book for both inservice and preservice teachers."

Helen Melvin, Second-Grade Teacher
Dr. Levesque School Elementary School, Fort Kent, ME

"The activities presented provide a foundation that allows an elementary school teacher to make sense out of the mathematics being taught. The book will appeal to teachers because the lessons begin at a very basic level but methodically progress to a higher level of mathematical thinking."

Joyce Dodd, Sixth-Grade Math Teacher
Bryson Middle School, Simpsonville, SC

"The author has successfully created a resource book for teachers that accomplishes the goal of 'more discovery and more connections between topics' for mathematics classrooms, which will result in more student engagement. This book will be a valuable resource to new teachers looking for appropriate lessons tied to curriculum standards, veteran teachers looking for new ideas for content-specific activities, and college instructors of preservice and inservice teachers."

MAA Reviews, February 2008
Mathematical Association of America

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1


Timothy J. McNamara

Dr. Timothy J. McNamara is a private mathematics consultant specializing in K-12 systemic improvement efforts for schools and school districts nationwide. Tim has served as both a math teacher and curriculum supervisor in western New York since 1975. He has taught students from grade seven through fourteen, at all levels of ability from remedial to gifted, and in both public and private-school settings. He has also written articles for numerous math teacher journals, and was founder and faculty editor for the Nichols School of Buffalo student mathematics publication, The Nth Degree. Tim is a contributing member of a variety of professional... More About Author

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