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Teaching From the Deep End

Teaching From the Deep End
Succeeding With Today's Classroom Challenges

Second Edition

Foreword by Gregory Michie

March 2014 | 168 pages | Corwin
Beginning and veteran teachers alike can dive into the deep end of todayÆs classroom challenges with this handy and entertaining guide.áCombining theory and anecdotes,áthis updated edition of the bestseller highlights more insightful principles for educators. The second edition of Teaching From the Deep End encourages teachers to think about their profession and teaching persona andáto think about school politics, ethics, and a host of other issues. The author invitesáyouáto enter the classroom with a passion formed by knowing what you want to accomplish, seeing those around you in order to begin properly, planning to bring your students to knowledge and understanding, and anticipating challenges to that plan. New in this edition are: Tips on the job searchWorking with colleagues and parentsSuggestions for navigating school politicsáWays to surviveáa culture of testmania
Foreword to the Second Edition by Gregory Michie
About the Author
Part One: Getting There
1. The Teaching Profession: What Are You Doing and Why Are You Doing It?
2. Perception During the Job Search
3. Your Educational Philosophy: Creating Your Teaching Tenets
4. Reflective Writing Exercises for New and Veteran Teachers
5. Remember the Paul Potts Principle: It Is So (If You Think So)
Part Two: Being There
6. The Classroom: Where the Teacher's Path and the Student's Path Converge
7. The Teacher's Words: You Can Heal and You Can Harm
8. The Teaching Persona: Who You Are When You're Standing up There at the Big Desk
9. Working With Colleagues: Being a Team Player
10. Dealing With School Hierarchy and Politics
11. Don't Make Things Worse: Avoiding Deficit Views of Children
12. A Pep Talk About Parents
13. Seven Yin-Yang Blunders to Avoid
Part Three: Staying There
14. Classroom Ethics: 68 What-If's That Will Make Any Teacher Say "Yikes!"
15. Major Stresses in the Teaching Profession: Why You Must Remain a Teacher
16. The Paperwork Can Kill You
17. Living in Testmania
Part Four: Bringing Others There
18. Creating Programs for Teacher Preparation: The Programs of the Golden Apple Foundation in Illinois
Epilogue: Group Hug

"Belmonte reminds us that teaching is not always about what you teach, but how and why you teach. He asks teachers to become reflective practitioners who work with students, not for them, and that makes all the difference. Students turn into producers of knowledge, and teachers into artisans molding that beautiful vision with this philosophy of education."

Katherine Hogan, Founding Lead Teacher
Social Justice High School, Chicago, IL

"This book is unique. The author invites potential and experienced teachers to think more deeply about numerous facets of teaching we encounter but seldom consider. Teaching from the Deep End has story and heart. It also has a clear connection to the underbelly of the teaching and learning process; the author pushes those who teach to be more attuned to being consciously competent and not simply accidentally adequate. I learned a lot!"

Barrie Bennett, Professor of Education
OISE/University of Toronto

"This book reframes the essence of what teaching is essentially about. The author provokes readers to think about their intentions and focuses on passion for teaching, the importance of knowing self, and the necessity of being cognizant of how bias and the use of language impact our work with students."

Sue Elliott, Teacher Counselor/Staff Developer
West Vancouver School District, BC, Canada

"This book is unique; the author invites potential and experienced teachers to think more deeply about numerous facets of teaching we encounter but seldom consider. I learned a lot!"

Barrie Bennett, Professor of Education
OISE/University of Toronto

Teaching from the Deep End, first published in 2005, was revised, updated and expanded in 2009 to offer more insight and advice to prospective teachers on matters both relevant to the classroom and to issues adjacent to the classroom that can impact one's introductory years in teaching.

The author added a chapter on how a new teacher applying for a position should study the school to be considered to determine its atmosphere, challenges and potential fit. Another chapter emphasizes the value in being perceived as a team player in a new faculty setting. A third introduces the concept of schools as having a political climate and how new teachers should be attuned to that climate and not be adversely swayed into it to the detriment of the work with students. The author also added a chapter of perspective on the current national mania for high stakes multiple-choice timed testing and how one can keep true to one's teaching tenets in the midst of such pervasive influence.

More germane to the teaching life, the author suggested several "unchangeable truths" in teaching that one should aspire to model. He introduced the concept of deficit thinking and how it detracts from one's success in teaching students, especially students of color or who come from low-income family circumstances. He added a section on working with parents to make them allies to your cause, he detailed common blunders new teachers make and explained how to avoid repeating them. And, he added a new chapter on the uses of technology in the classroom.

The aim of this expansion is to make the book more relevant and applicable to assuaging the stresses and challenges one faces prior to or newly in the teaching life.

Dominic V. Belmonte

Dominic Belmonte taught at York Community High School in Elmhurst, Illinois, for twenty years as an English teacher and chairman of the English Department. He is now President and CEO of the Golden Apple Foundation for Excellence in Teaching. A member and past chairman of the Golden Apple Academy of Educators, in 1989 he co-created the Golden Apple Scholars of Illinois program, a pre-induction teacher preparation experience that is now the Golden Apple Foundation’s largest program, named by Harvard University as one of 15 programs out of 1,200 nationwide as a finalist for its Innovations in American Government award. In 1996 Belmonte also... More About Author

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