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Teaching Children Who Are Hard to Reach

Teaching Children Who Are Hard to Reach
Relationship-Driven Classroom Practice

October 2012 | 240 pages | Corwin

Create lasting, positive change for our most troubled students!

How do you move beyond traditional classroom management to create a learning environment that engages our hardest-to-reach students—students who may be struggling due to emotional disturbances or disabilities or environmental circumstances? Michael Marlowe and Torey Hayden have the answer: through a relationship-driven classroom. With the help of their book, you will:

  • Gain a meaningful understanding of troubled students and how to reach and teach them effectively
  • Learn how to change inappropriate behavior rather than just control it
  • Become more reflective about teaching and learning with challenging children

Drawing on real-life stories, including some of those described in Torey Hayden's bestselling books on working with troubled children, the authors shed new light on the challenges of working with hard-to-reach students and identify the key skills teachers need to build successful classroom relationships and facilitate learning for all.

"The authors have done a good job of putting 'method' to relationship teaching and have the real-life background references to authenticate what is said."
—Sharon Jefferies, Teacher
Lakeville Elementary, Apopka, FL

"The case studies and research behind building relationships in classroom environments are major strengths, as is the myriad of methodology regarding discipline, identifying and managing troubled students, and how to decrease disruptions."
—Tara Howell, AP Science Teacher
University City High School, San Diego, CA

Preface by Mike Marlowe
Preface by Torey Hayden
About the Authors
1. The Relationship-Driven Classroom
2. Relationships as a Means of Change: Goal Versus Process Orientation
3. Teacher Skills Needed to Develop a Relationship-Driven Classroom
4. Discipline
5. Creating a Positive Classroom Climate
6. Relationship Skills
7. Developing a Strong Teacher-Student Relationship
8. Preparing the Child for Successful Peer Relationships
9. Successful Group Dynamics
10. The Future

"This book goes into much more detail than others out there with the case studies to truly help teachers and the education community to recognize issues and how to address them with a whole perspective and not a selected one-side approach. The major strengths of this book are the case studies and research behind building relationships in classroom environments. I enjoyed looking at the case studies and the myriad of methodology regarding discipline, identifying and overall management troubled students, and how to decrease disruptions. The chapters have enough information to flow as an entire book, but can also stand alone which is ideal for professional development settings."

Tara Howell, AP Science Teacher, GATE Team Leader, and Science Department Chair
University City High School, San Diego, CA

"This author has the experience and knowledge to be valid and relevant to classroom teachers. The book’s strengths are the experience and knowledge of all the major methodologies tried in education over decades. Just as one begins to pose a question in reference to a method or line of thought, the author brings it to light and answers the thought. The author has done a good job of putting 'method' to relationship teaching and has the real life background references to authenticate what is said."

Sharon Jefferies, Teacher
Lakeville Elementary, Apopka, FL

Michael J. Marlowe

Mike Marlowe is a professor of special education at Appalachian State University in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. He has also taught special education at the University of Wyoming and Tennessee Technological University. He specializes in coursework in emotional and behavioral disorders and classroom management. Prior to university teaching Mike taught children in classrooms for emotional and behavioral problems in the public schools of Indiana and Kentucky. He has also worked as a wilderness instructor in the Daniel Boone National Forest, as director of an alternative school, and as a community placement worker... More About Author

Torey Hayden

Born in Montana, USA, Torey Hayden has spent most of her adult life working with children in distress. Starting out as a special education teacher for children with emotional difficulties, she latterly moved into research and therapeutic intervention, specializing in psychogenic language disorders. Now living in Great Britain, she provides counseling and advice services for several child-oriented charities.Torey is author of several internationally best-selling books about her experiences as a teacher and a therapist, such as One Child, Ghost Girl and Just Another Kid. She also has written three novels and The Very Worst Thing, a story... More About Author

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