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Teaching Advanced Learners in the General Education Classroom

Teaching Advanced Learners in the General Education Classroom
Doing More With Less!

April 2013 | 200 pages | Corwin
Low-stress tips for challenging high-ability learnersMany teachers ask: ôWhat do I do for the student who finishes his work before everyone else?ö ôIs there anything I can use that doesnÆt require me to read a long textbook with complicated instructions?ö If you would like to do more for gifted students and need simple strategies that you can use tomorrow, this book is for you. Inside are helpful methods for challenging students who need more than the regular curriculum can provide. The authors provide practical tools, including: Tips for using existing resources and possibilities A progression from simpler to more complex adjustments for advanced learners Specific lessons for language arts, math, science, social studies, and the arts The bookÆs strategies can be tailored to benefit students of varying abilities. The lessons are easy to integrate, consistent with curriculum standards, and described in practical terms. You will also find ready-to-use reproducibles, helpful vignettes, and additional resources for differentiating instruction so that all students are challenged to reach their potential.
About the Authors
1. Understanding Advanced Learners
2. Making the Most of Your Resources
3. Creating Appropriate Goals for Advanced Students
4. Meeting the Needs of Advanced Students: Strategies to Begin
5. Meeting the Needs of Advanced Students: Strategies to Extend Learning
6. Teaching Advanced Students in Language Arts and Social Studies
7. Teaching Advanced Students in Science and Mathematics
8. Keeping Yourself Inspired

”The book’s major strength lies in its ability to remind the reader that there are many resources that educators may have forgotten about or not even thought of. The discussions about student interests, human resources, community resources, and open-ended presentation are a great aspect of this book."

Scott Currier, Mathematics Teacher
Belmont High School, NH

This book is pertinent and relevant to today’s classroom. Teachers face many demands to meet the needs of struggling students. We sometimes focus so much on the low-achieving students that we run out of time to address the needs of the gifted and above-average students. This book focuses on the issue with examples a teacher can use right now, with little prep. The author absolutely understands the issues teachers face in the classroom today.”

Shelly Docherty, 5th Grade Teacher
Glendale Elementary School , Vero Beach , FL

This book provides practical suggestions for utilizing and improving your own professional practice to more fully support advanced learners.”

Marcia Carlson, 6th Grade Teacher
Crestview Elementary School, Clive, IA

“This book will assist any educator in their quest to provide their students with high quality instruction, without much hassle.”

David Callaway, 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Rocky Heights Middle School , Highlands Ranch, CO

"By discussing major areas of education, the authors have provided an excellent resource for helping to overcome various obstacles. The book can help to improve instruction for the gifted in the regular classroom."

Maurice D. Fisher, Publisher
Gifted Education Press Quarterly, Spring 2012, Vol. 26

Joan Franklin Smutny

Joan Franklin Smutny is founder and director of the Center for Gifted, a Northern Illinois University Partner. She directs programs for thousands of bright, talented, and gifted children in the Chicago area annually. She also teaches creative writing in many of these programs as well as courses on gifted education for graduate students at the university level. She is editor of the Illinois Association for Gifted Children Journal, contributing editor of Understanding Our Gifted, and a regular contributor to the Gifted Education Communicator, Parenting for High Potential, and the Gifted Education Press Quarterly. Smutny has authored, co... More About Author

Sarah E. von Fremd

S.E. von Fremd is an independent scholar, writer, and editor with a background in education, cultural studies, and dance. She performed with the Never Stop Moving Dance Company in Chicago under the direction of Reynaldo Martinez and taught creative dance and theater to children in the city and surrounding areas. Her interest in creativity and culture eventually led her to do a doctorate in performance studies at Northwestern University. This included a year’s research in Uganda, where she focused on the role of popular theater and dance in reviving cultural identity and educating children and young people throughout the country. She has... More About Author

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