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Teachers! Prepare Your Students for the Mathematics for SAT* I

Teachers! Prepare Your Students for the Mathematics for SAT* I
Methods and Problem-Solving Strategies

April 1996 | 128 pages | Corwin
The SAT I Reasoning Test is widely used in colleges throughout the United States as a screening device for student admission. This guide is designed to help high school teachers assist their college applicants in preparing for this crucial test. The book provides an overview of the SAT I Test and a selective review of mathematics taught through elementary algebra and geometry. Curricular issues addressed include: what to teach, how to present it, and what consititutes the best possible setting.

The importance of students' development of accuracy and speed is stressed throughout, and specific problem-solving strategies and short-cuts are presented in detail along with instructions for advising students on how and when to use them - and when it's best to guess.

Alfred Steven Posamentier

Alfred S. Posamentier is professor of mathematics education and dean of the School of Education at the City College of the City University of New York. He has authored and co-authored several resource books in mathematics education for Corwin Press. More About Author

Stephen Krulik

Stephen Krulik is professor of mathematics education at Temple University in Philadelphia, where he is responsible for the undergraduate and graduate preparation of mathematics teachers for Grades K-12, as well as in the inservice training of mathematics teachers at the graduate level. He teaches a wide variety of courses, among them the History of Mathematics, Methods of Teaching Mathematics, and the Teaching of Problem Solving. Before coming to Temple University, he taught mathematics in the New York City public schools for 15 years, where he created and implemented several courses designed to prepare students for the SAT examination.... More About Author

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