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Strategies for Successful Classroom Management

Strategies for Successful Classroom Management
Helping Students Succeed Without Losing Your Dignity or Sanity

March 2014 | 176 pages | Corwin
Rick Curwin and Allen Mendler are the creators of the critically acclaimed training programs 'Discipline with Dignity' and 'As Tough as Necessary'. These training programs have helped thousands of educators reduce aggressive behavior and minimize student hostility toward teachers and other students. In this sequel to the best-selling book 'As Tough as Necessary', the authors focus on state-of-the-art motivational techniques that encourage students to change their behaviors. Using school and classroom rules that promote nonviolence as well as teaching and learning, the authors present positive role models for learners. Strategies include developing schoolwide values ('Our school is a place where we solve our problems peacefully'), practicing individual problem-solving ('Stop and calm down'), conflict resolution, anger management, stress reduction, renaming and reframing, finding spirituality from within, establishing safety, and more. This multidimensional approach has been shown to help thousands of students find safe alternatives to hurting themselves and others.
About the Authors
1. The Problem of Harmful Aggression
2. Attitudes, Beliefs, and Principles for Educators
3. Why Kids Misbehave and What to Do About It
4. Fair Versus Equal
5. Classroom Strategies for the Teacher
6. Developing Effective Rules
7. Handling Power Struggles Effectively
8. Strategies for Teaching Students to Handle Conflict Effectively
9. Helping Students Handle Bullying

"This book is written clearly and the concrete examples make it a practical guide for teachers. The authors provide a clear rationale for teaching values and behaviors that can go a long way toward building learning communities."

Barbara K. Given, Codirector
Adolescent and Adult Learning Research Center, George Mason University

"The content is crucial for classroom teachers who want to help children learn alternatives to aggression. The authors don’t just ‘talk the talk’, they ‘walk the walk.’"

Deborah Alexander-Davis, Educational Consultant

"This book will be useful to any adult, not just teachers, who works with students who have issues with aggression."

Kathryn Fitzgerald Abels, EC Resource Teacher
Charlotte-Mecklenberg Schools, NC

"Other resources I have used would suggest trying to conference with the aggressive student or removing the student. This book suggests diverting the student by diffusing the anger."

Sheila Fisher, Principal
Maria Weston Chapman Middle School, North Attleboro, MA

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Chapter 1

Brian D. Mendler

Brian Mendler is a certified elementary and special education teacher with extensive experience working with challenging students in general education, self-contained, and inclusion settings. As an Adjunct Professor at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY, he teaches Behavior Management, and Introduction to Special Education. In addition, he provides staff development training for K-12 educators and youth service workers throughout North America with the focus on how to be successful with even the most difficult students. Mr. Mendler’s recent publication, Tips 4 Teachers, is an easy to read book for educators that offers specific,... More About Author

Richard L. Curwin

Dr. Richard Curwin is an award winning instructor, author and educational consltant. His philosophy on discipline, behavior, and classroom management is one of the most widely used in the world. He is co-author on the national best selling book Discipline with Dignity, which offers educators a plethora of strategies on behavior and classroom management.Dr. Curwin has also authored or co-authored many other publications, including: Discipline with Dignity for Challenging YouthRediscovering Hope: Our Greatest Teaching Strategy. Making Good ChoicesHis seminars and training sessions offer educators ready-to-use strategies with objectives,... More About Author

Allen N. Mendler

Dr. Allen Mendler is an educator, school psychologist, behavior and classroom management expert, and parent of three children. He has worked extensively with children of all ages in regular education and special education settings. He has consulted to many schools on the topics of discipline, behavior, and classroom management. He has also consulted at day and residential centers, and has done extensive work with youth in juvenile detention. Dr. Mendler's emphasis is on developing effective frameworks and strategies for educators to manage behavior and classrooms. He is an expert at helping youth professionals, teachers, administrators,... More About Author

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