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Strategies That Promote Student Engagement

Strategies That Promote Student Engagement
Unleashing the Desire to Learn

Second Edition

August 2008 | 200 pages | Corwin
Strategies That Promote Student Engagement: Unleashing the Desire to Learn offers practical lessons for the classroom that teach students the importance of education in their everyday lives. This resource includes strategies that can be used across the content areas to encourage students to become self-motivated learners. Using the concept of conation - the internal drive that pushes one beyond ordinary expectations and accomplishments - the authors demonstrate how teachers can inspire their students to strive for excellence inside and outside of the classroom.

This revised edition includes:

- Updated research

- Additional grade-specific instructional activities

- Suggestions for assessment

Foreword by Raymond F. Morgan
About the Authors
1. Understanding Conation
Where Does the Will to Live, Learn, and Succeed Reside?

What Is Conation?

How Is Conation Different From Extrinsic Motivation?

What Is Conative Intelligence (CI)?

2. Captivate, Connect, and Cultivate: Creating Lessons That Promote Learning
Conative Strategies for Engaging Learners

Designing Lessons That Reach the Heart of Learning

Using Teaching Strategies Effectively in the Conative Domain

Increasing Student Self-Efficacy With Choice

Achieving High Performance in Spite of the Odds

Lessons From the Heart of Learning: Instructional Strategies

3. Where Learning Lives: Instructional Activities That Engage Students
What Is Learning?

What Is Courage?

Gholar and Riggs? Conative Taxonomy

Conation and Character Building: The Strength and Spirit of Learning

What Is Character?

Character Development

When Conation, Courage, and Character Become One

Lessons From the Heart of Learning: Instructional Strategies

4. An Invitation to Learn: Awakening and Motivating Your Classroom
Inviting Success

Connecting to Students? Lives Outside of School

Ensuring the Academic Success of Adolescents

Conation Moves the Heart of a Teacher

The Origins of Success and Failure

Lessons From the Heart of Learning: Instructional Strategies

5. For All of Them, I Teach: Reflecting on Your Teaching Philosophy
Authentic Teaching in the Conative Domain

Using Diverse Teaching Styles

Using STARS to Support the Will to Learn

Implementing the Four I?s of Teacher Leadership

Promoting Conation Schoolwide

Lessons From the Heart of Learning: Instructional Strategies

6. The Bridge Between the Desire to Achieve and Reality: Putting It All Together
The Will

The Bridge Metaphor

Insights Regarding Conation: Next Steps

Lexicon of Two Hundred Words, Thoughts, Phrases, Attitudes, and Expectations That Build Conative Connections

Teaching to the Test: A Reflection


"This book is truly relevant to any educator genuinely interested in maximizing a student's potential. The authors provide lessons at the end of each chapter that cross many segments of the curriculum."

Todd Boucher, Social Studies Teacher
Biloxi High School, MS

"The authors are clearly passionate about the need to uncover and build upon the students’ desire and motivation to learn."

Paul Parkison, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education
University of Southern Indiana

"A captivating topic for teachers, as we all have students who are capable and yet choose not to learn."

Melissa Miller, Sixth-Grade Teacher
Lynch Middle School, Farmington, AR

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Ernestine G. Riggs

Ernestine G. Riggs is an associate professor at Loyola University Chicago. She has been involved in the field of education for more than 40 years and has a diverse background in teaching and administration. Riggs was selected as one of the Outstanding Elementary Teachers of America by the United States Department of Defense Overseas Schools in 1974. She is the coauthor of Beyond Rhetoric and Rainbows: A Journey to the Place Where Learning Lives, Helping Middle and High School Readers: Teaching and Learning Strategies Across the Curriculum, and several journal articles. She is also co-featured in the video Ensuring Success for “Low Yield”... More About Author

Cheryl R. Gholar

Cheryl R. Gholar has been a teacher, counselor, and administrator in public schools and worked in postsecondary education for more than thirty years. She is associate director of the Professional Development Consortium. Gholar is coauthor of Beyond Rhetoric and Rainbows: A Journey to the Place Where Learning Lives. She is also co-featured in the video Ensuring Success for “Low Yield” Students: Building Lives and Molding Futures. She is published in Vitae Scholasticae, Black Issues in Higher Education, The Journal of Staff Development, Careers With Character, and more. Gholar’s awards include Educator of the Year, Phi Delta Kappa, Those Who... More About Author

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