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Strategic Human Resource Technologies

Strategic Human Resource Technologies
Keys to Managing People

First Edition

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Human Resource Management

April 2007 | 520 pages | SAGE Response
In recent years, technology has transformed human resource management (HRM). While the task of managing people in organizations is becoming ever more complex, HR professionals can now get better results with the help of new tools and techniques. This pioneering and unusual book defines HR techniques as technologies in their own right, and consolidates a broad array of strategies to provide a holistic view of people management.

Bringing together 40 strategic HR technologies and explaining where and how they can add value to an organization, the authors also discuss how to brand these technologies within the enterprise. They cover the four broad areas of HR management:
  • Human technologies for profit-making
  • Building individuals and teams
  • Attracting and retaining talent
  • Scenario-building for the future
Using models, charts, and clearly-defined terminology, this book lays out the theories and practical steps in the application of HR technologies.
Foreword by John Benson

Thinking in the Futuristic HRM
Spectrum I: HR Technologies for Driving Business

Profiting from Human Resources
Spectrum II: HR Technologies for Building High-Performing Individual and Team Culture

Diagnosing the HR Scenario
Understanding the Present for the Future
Building One Great Legendary Family
Spectrum III: HR Technologies for Attracting and Retaining Talent

Doing More with Less
Pay for Performance
Essence of Competency Building
Spectrum IV: HR Technologies for Rethinking the Future

Responding to Future Needs
HR Branding
PART 4: HR Word Power
HR Word Power

The book based on the author’s research and industrial experiences presents over 40 different human resource technologies and discusses their implementation on a case-by-case-basis…. HR managers will do well to browse through the book…. The book aims to define for the reader the various goals that can be achieved by HR technology and how and why the technology would be useful in his organization.

The Financial Express

In recent years, the task of managing people in organisations is becoming quite complex. HR professionals can now avail new tools and technologies and get better results. This book defines technologies in their own right and consolidates a broad array of strategies to provide a holistic view of people management. With the help of models, charts and clearly defined terminology, this book lays out the theories and practical steps in the application of Human Resource technologies.

The Asian Age

Ashok Chanda

Ashok Chanda is doctoral fellow at the School of Management, University of South Australia. He has nearly two decades of corporate experience as an HR professional. His last position was Vice President—HR with Reliance Energy, Mumbai. Earlier, he has worked with Gati Ltd., and Gujarat Gas Ltd., a subsidiary of British Gas. He is also a member of the Australian Human Resource Institute. His publications include articles published in various journals and a co-authored volume, Human Resource Strategy: Architecture for Change (2000). More About Author

B Sivarama Krishna

B Sivarama Krishna is General Manager, Human Resources with Frontline Corporation, Ahmedabad. In his 12 years’ experience in the field of HR, he has worked with various large and reputed organisations dealing with HRM, corporate administration, industrial relations, etc. He is currently associated with various professional bodies. More About Author

Jie Shen

Jie Shen is an Associate Professor of international human resource management at University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia. He is Adjunct Associate Professor at University of South Australia, and Guest Professor at Southwest Jiao Tong University, China, Shanghai University, China and Fujian Normal University, China. His main research interests are international human resource management and HRM and industrial relations.He has published over 40 books and book chapters and refereed journal articles in the fields of IHRM, HRM and IR. He received the best paper reward at the Academy of Management Meeting in 2007. More About Author

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