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Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility

Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility
Stakeholders in a Global Environment

Second Edition

July 2010 | 448 pages | SAGE South Asia
Blending theory with practical application, this comprehensive text supports courses at the intersection of corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate strategy, and public policy. Part I provides an overview of the field, defining CSR and placing it in the context of wider corporate strategy. Part II contains chapters on CSR issues related to the organization, the economy, and society, and provides detailed case studies on a variety of well-known firms. Adopting a stakeholder perspective, the authors explore CSR issues within the complex global business environment in which corporations operate today.

New and Hallmark Features
New! Chapter 2 on corporate strategy in relation to CSR contrasts the resources perspective with Michael Porter’s five-forces model, and outlines a third viewpoint: the stakeholder perspective
- Part II presents 24 in-depth and topical CSR issues and cases, including cases related to the financial crises of 2008
New! An expanded set of questions for Discussion and Review and Online Resources supplements the cases and allows instructors to combine traditional classroom activities with exploration of relevant company, NGO, academic, and other CSR research

Accompanied by High-Quality Ancillaries!
A comprehensive password-protected Instructor Teaching Site is available at Resources include sample syllabi; PowerPoint slides; faculty notes; questions for discussion on the chapters, issues, and cases; a test bank; and information on how to subscribe to the authors’ CSR newsletters.
Glossary of Terms
Foreword to the Second Edition MALLEN BAKER
Plan of the Book
What Is CSR?
Corporate Strategy: A Stakeholder Perspective
How Much Does CSR Matter?
The Strategic Context of CSR
Implementation: The Integration of CSR Into Strategy and Culture
Organizational Issues and Case Studies
Economic Issues and Case Studies
Societal Issues and Case Studies

"The book is a powerful and persuasive presentation of strategic CSR."

Mr. Dharmendra Nath
retired IAS officer

This book has been presented in a very readable and easy-to-handle form. The get-up and lay-out of the book are easy on the eye. Throughout the book important points have been highlighted in specially created boxes and windows and discussions points have been listed at the end of the chapters to sustain curiosity and promote further interest. Detailed references follow the chapters… [It] creates its own interactive website ( to continue its association with the readers… a very welcome addition to the existing body of literature on the subject.


By addressing business ethics, corporate governance, environmental concern, and other issues, society creates a dynamic context in which firms operate. The book identifies the key issues of CSR, models them around conceptual frameworks, and provides both the means and the resources to investigate this evolving and important topics…CSR embraces and external environment made up of many constituent groups, all of whom have a stake in the firm’s profit-seeking activities. It demonstrates the value to firms of defining CSR in relation to their operational context and then incorporating a CSR perspective into their strategic planning and all aspects of the organization.

Management and Change

The book is a powerful and persuasive presentation of strategic CSR. 

Mr Dharmendra Nath
retired IAS officer UPKRAM

William B. Werther, Jr.

William B. Werther, Jr. is Professor of Management at the University of Miami’s School of Business Administration, a Fellow and former Chair of the International Society for Productivity and Quality Research, a Fellow in the World Academy of Productivity Science, and former Chair for the Managerial Consultation Division of the Academy of Management. His teaching and research focuses on strategy with its implications for human performance and corporate social responsibility. An award-winning author and teacher, he has published more than 100 professional articles and a number of books including Third Sector Management (Georgetown University... More About Author

David Chandler

David Chandler ( is Professor of Management at the University of Colorado Denver Business School. His research focuses on the dynamic interface between the firm and its institutional environment. His research has been published in journals that include Administrative Science Quarterly, Organization Science, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, and Journal of Management. Additional related publications include the book Sustainable Value Creation (Routledge, 2e, 2021). He received his PhD in Management from The University of Texas at Austin.  More About Author

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