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Using Brain-Compatible Strategies to Integrate the Arts

280 pages | Corwin
Research shows that activities associated with the arts can enhance creativity, problem-solving, memory systems, motor coordination, and analytical skills. Best-selling author David A. Sousa and veteran arts educator Thomas J. Pilecki demonstrate how arts education is integral to the development of the brain and to students' overall academic achievement. This book provides:

" Classroom-tested strategies and techniques for both integrating the arts in STEM instruction

" Data from schools that have already integrated the arts into STEM subjects, plus anecdotes and student success stories

" How-to's for organizing curriculum and instructional strategies to allow for the integration of STEM subjects and the arts

" Strategies for getting the entire staff and community involved in STEAM initiatives

About the Authors
1. Why STEM Should Become STEAM
2. What Science Says About the Arts and Creativity
3. Frequently Asked Questions About Integrating the Arts and STEM
4. Implementing Arts Integration in the Primary Grades (K-4)
5. Implementing Arts Integration in the Intermediate Grades (5-8)
6. Implementing Arts Integration in the High School Grades (9-12)
7. STEAM Lesson Plan Appetizers in Science, Technology, and Engineering
8. STEAM Lesson Plan Appetizers in Mathematics
9. Putting It All Together

The ideas shared in the book are relevant and can be easily put into practice.

Dr Denise Simmons
West College Of Education, Midwestern State University
September 12, 2016

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Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1: Why STEM Should Become STEAM

David Anthony Sousa

David A. Sousa, EdD, is an international consultant in educational neuroscience and author of more than a dozen books that translate brain research into strategies for improving learning. He has presented to more than 200,000 educators across the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. He has taught high school chemistry and served in administrative positions, including superintendent of schools. He was an adjunct professor of education at Seton Hall University and a visiting lecturer at Rutgers University. Dr. Sousa has edited science books and published dozens of articles in leading journals. His books have been... More About Author

Thomas J. Pilecki

Tom Pilecki, MA, is the former executive director of the Center for Creative Education (CCE) in West Palm Beach, Florida, where, for twelve years, he provided professional development to over one hundred teaching artists, preparing them to teach collaboratively with elementary and middle school teachers in all curriculum content areas. With an MA in educational administration, Tom is a former elementary school teacher as well as a choral and instrumental music teacher. His forty-plus years in education include being founder and principal of St. Augustine School of the Arts in the South Bronx, New York, the subject of the Sundance Film... More About Author

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