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Shaping Business Leaders

Shaping Business Leaders
What B-Schools Don't Do

First Edition
  • Asha Bhandarker - Distinguished Professor of Organizational Behaviour, IMI Delhi

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August 2008 | 236 pages | SAGE Response

Leadership Solutions

The book reveals that graduates of India's top schools demonstrate:

" Low capability to influence others-a core leadership competency;

" Average competency in managing self-another primary requirement to manage and influence others;

" Moderate capability to handle complexity and manage diversity, both essential for succeeding in the contemporary world of discontinuity and global diversity; and

" Greater comfort in dealing with structured rather than unstructured situations.

The author examines common perceptions which the business world holds about the MBAs and the impact of education imparted by B-Schools in shaping future leaders. She argues that B-Schools have to traverse miles before they can truly achieve their self-proclaimed motto of grooming business leaders. B-Schools have to re-examine their educational paradigm, course structure and pedagogy, and also realign the competencies and disposition of faculty towards grooming future leaders.

R A Yadav
Building future business leaders
The MBA graduate-perceptions of Corporate India
Impact of B-School education
Conclusions, implications and the new directions

The focal point of the book is business leadership and management education. It dissects the management education in the country with clinical precision and offers excellent suggestions to groom potential business leaders… It is authentic because the concepts are explained, analyzed and interpreted in detail…The references and the literature survey enlisted in the book is very extensive. Another important aspect of the book is that nowhere does it appeal to be technical. It should appeal to everyone besides the management teachers, corporate executives and management alumni….It really awakens us to the reality that there is an indispensable need to overhaul the management education in the country. It is very much the need of the hour in these days of globalization.

South Asian Journal of Management

This small, potent book is backed by a sound conceptual framework with up-to-date bibliographical references that will be helpful even to academics spearheading into leadership issues. Thoughtful practitioners, like human resource professionals and industry leaders, can skip much of the conceptual and methodological work and still make the best of the powerful insights and information provided in this book. But there is not one concerned business school leader, whether in India or elsewhere, who can do without reading this book.

Thunderbird International Business Review

A book that examines the widespread impression that young professionals graduating from India’s business schools are constantly job hopping, focus more on their own gains and lack entrepreneurship skills.

Deccan Herald

Asha Bhandarker

Asha Bhandarker is well known in the field of HR and Leadership Studies in India as a scholar, consultant and researcher. Prior to her current assignment as a Distinguished Professor OB at IMI-Delhi, she was the Raman Munjal Chair Professor of Leadership Studies as well as Dean Research and Consulting at MDI-Gurgaon.She has published 7 books and 40 research papers and cases in peer-reviewed, national and international journals. She was awarded the highly coveted Senior Fulbright Fellowship for research in the United States, where she studied the best business schools and their practices and... More About Author

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