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Scoring Rubrics in the Classroom

Scoring Rubrics in the Classroom
Using Performance Criteria for Assessing and Improving Student Performance

208 pages | Corwin
This book is a practical guide to the development and use of scoring rubrics in the classroom to achieve three goals. The first goal is clarifying the targets of instruction, especially those that are complex and hard to define such as problem solving, writing, and group process skills. Goal number two is providing valid and reliable assessment of student learning on these same complex and hard assess student outcomes. The third goal is to improve student motivation and achievement by helping students understand the nature of quality for performances and products.

Each chapter is framed by an essential question, including illustrative stories, provides practical examples, offers tips and cautions, and concludes with a summary of key points and recommended resources for further information.

Series Editors' Introduction
About the Authors
1. Mapping the Terrain
2. Choices, Choices, Choices
3. Developing Rubrics
4. A Rubric for Rubrics: or, It's Metarubric Time
5. Performance Standards and Grading
6. Teaching Performance Criteria to Students
Resource: Rubrics Galore
References and Further Readings

Judith Arter

Jay McTighe

Also available as a South Asia Edition.