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Schoolwide Action Research for Professional Learning Communities

Schoolwide Action Research for Professional Learning Communities
Improving Student Learning Through The Whole-Faculty Study Groups Approach

Edited by:
  • Karl H. Clauset - National Whole-Faculty Study Groups Center
  • Dale W. Lick - Florida State University Learning Systems Institute and Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
  • Carlene U. Murphy - National Whole-Faculty Study Groups Center

May 2008 | 304 pages | Corwin
Foster a schoolwide learning environment with this action research model!

This resource takes a close look at how schoolwide action research can support school change and improved student achievement. The authors discuss steps for implementing the schoolwide action research process, describe what the approach looks like in action, and show readers how:

the schoolwide action-research process works in primary, middle or secondary schools;

study groups move from discussion to action that improves teacher practice;

head teachers and district leaders can support schoolwide action research.

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About the Author
1. Introduction
2. A Schoolwide Approach to Action Research
3. Creating Learning Teams and Professional Learning Communities
4. Conducting Schoolwide Action Research
5. Putting Action Into Action Research: Improving Teacher Practice
6. Putting Action Into Action Research: Improving Student Learning
7. Supporting Schoolwide Action Research: The Principal's Role
8. Supporting Schools in Schoolwide Action Research
9. Taking Schoolwide Action Research to the Next Level

"Clearly shows the success that can occur when a staff learns together. I highly recommend this book to aspiring and beginning principals, as well as those with years of experience."

Paul Young, Executive Director, West After School Center
Former President, National Association of Elementary School Principals

"Whole-Faculty Study Groups (WFSGs) have proven to be an effective vehicle for job-embedded professional learning in our district. We will be using this new resource to take us to the next level!"

Anita Kissinger, Executive Director, Quality and Development
Springfield Public Schools, MO

"Clauset, Lick, and Murphy get to the heart of continuous improvement and closing the knowing-doing gap with this powerful tool."

Susan Zook, Associate Superintendent
Hawthorn District 73, IL

"What a fantastic tool to ensure that districts will be successful in increasing student performance and implementing academic school improvement! The authors have used their understanding of the current issues in education to provide school districts with comprehensive guidelines that will guarantee success for schools involved in action research using data to improve student learning."

Cinde Wendell, Superintendent
Holdrege Public Schools, NE

"Imagine the impact when every teacher, principal, and central office administrator participates in a small group that focuses on increasing student achievement. The schoolwide action research program described in this book is not mere reform—results are nothing less than transformational."

From the Foreword by Bert L’Homme

Karl H. Clauset

Learn more about Karl Clauset's PD offeringsKarl H. Clauset is director of the National WFSG Center. He is an experienced school improvement coach and Whole-Faculty Study Group® trainer. Since 1999 he has helped more than ninety elementary, middle and high schools launch WFSG and has supported the schools through the implementation phase. He was the lead author, with Dale Lick and Carlene Murphy, for Schoolwide Action Research for Professional Learning Communities: Improving Student Learning Through the Whole-Faculty Study Groups Approach (Corwin Press, 2008), which focuses on the collaborative work teacher teams do to improve their... More About Author

Dale W. Lick

Dale W. Lick is President and Professor Emeritus at Florida State University, a former President of Georgia Southern University, University of Maine, and Florida State University, and, most recently, a University Professor at Florida State University, where he did research in the Learning Systems Institute and taught and directed doctoral students in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, and worked on educational and organizational projects involving transformational leadership, change creation, learning organizations, distance learning, school improvement, enhanced student performance, educational technology, new... More About Author

Carlene U. Murphy

Carlene U. Murphy is founder and executive director of the National WFSG Center and the principal developer of the Whole-Faculty Study Groups® system of professional development. In August 2007, she began her 50th year of work in public schools. She started her teaching career in 1957 as a fourth grade teacher in her hometown of Augusta, GA. The next year she moved to Memphis, TN where she taught for 13 years, returning to Augusta in 1972 and retiring from the district in 1993 as its director of staff development. During her 15 years as the district’s chief staff developer, the district received many accolades, including the Award for... More About Author

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