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The School Counselor's Guide to Special Education

The School Counselor's Guide to Special Education

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November 2012 | 200 pages | Corwin
'Provides a wealth of specific information and resources that should be at the fingertips of every school counselor.'ùRichard Hazler, Professor of Counselor Education, Penn State UniversityAuthor, Helping in the HallwaysThe school counselor's all-in-one reference for assisting students with special needs! What is the school counselor's role in the special education process? How can school counselors assist students with special needs? In this comprehensive and thorough guide, the authors answer these and other questions about best practices for meeting the academic, social, and career requirements of students with disabilities.This hands-on guide clarifies the counselor's role and provides a wealth of practical strategies for navigating special education processes, using available resources, and building effective teams. The authors examine special education procedures and present interventions for preschool, school-age, and transitioning students, provide study questions for reflection, and cover topics such as:Assessment and intervention, including RTI Behavioral and academic challenges associated with disabilities Collaboration with school and community personnel and medical specialists Disability categories Legal and ethical issues Individual and group counseling Special education terminology Designed for busy school professionals, The School Counselor's Guide to Special Education is an invaluable desk reference that will help counselors respond with confidence to a wide range of student and staff needs.
About the Authors
1. Special Education Roles
2. Special Education Terminology and Disability Categories
3. Assessment and Referral Processes
4. Process and Services: Preschool
5. Process and Services: School Age
6. Process and Services: College
7. Legal and Ethical Issues in Special Education
Recommended Reading and Additional Resources

"A plethora of practical strategies for counselors, special education teachers, and building-based student support team members. The book is full of modifications, strategies, blank forms, useful diagrams, and Web references. Wow! All of this wrapped up in one resource!”

Sarah Miller, Special Education/Resource Teacher
Orange Beach Elementary School, AL

“This book is easy to read and a well-organized technical assistance guide.”

Steven Coats, School Psychologist

“A comprehensive, thorough, and extensive manual for all school counselors. This substantial work is invaluable for counseling with any students who have special needs. A time-saver that provides numerous planning aids.”

Rosemarie Scotti Hughes, Dean and Professor of Counseling
Regent University

"Provides a wealth of specific information and resources that should be at the fingertips of every school counselor.”

Richard Hazler, Professor of Counselor Education, Penn State University
Author, Helping in the Hallways

Comprehensive book for students.

Professor Cynthia Walley
educational foundations and counseling , Cuny Hunter College
August 12, 2014

Instructor found this book useful

Ms Jennifer Sonnenberg
School Of Education, Depaul University - Lincoln Park
July 25, 2012

The scope of the text was just a little to narrow for the content of the course.

Dr Karen Rowland
College of Continuing and Professional Studies, Mercer University Graduate Professional Center
October 14, 2009

Barbara C. Trolley

Barbara C. Trolley has spent over three decades working in the counseling field. Currently, she is a professor in counselor education at St. Bonaventure University, where she trains graduate students for careers in school and mental health counseling. As the chair of her university's disability committee and coordinator of the autism training program, Trolley is committed to working with issues of diversity and youth. The lead author of books on school counseling and cyberbullying, as well as numerous professional articles in the area of rehabilitation and grief counseling, Trolley is the creator and editor of the New York State School... More About Author

Heather S. Haas

Heather S. Haas is NYS certified in school building leadership, school counseling, special education, and elementary education. Currently, she is an administrator of special education. In the past, she has worked as a special education teacher, school counselor and chairperson for the committee on special education. Haas has extensive experience with students classified as emotionally disabled and learning disabled, as well as in creating and implementing Individualized Education Programs. She also created and implemented a GED and career exploration program for at-risk youth. She has a current publication entitled A School Counselor’s... More About Author

Danielle Campese Patti

Danielle C. Patti was born and raised in Jamestown, NY. After pursuing a master’s in education in the field of counseling, she began her career as an elementary school counselor with the Southwestern Central School District. She later moved into a position as a high school counselor within the district to broaden her experience. After obtaining an additional master’s in education in the field of educational leadership, she transitioned into the role of elementary school assistant principal. Her experiences include presentations to the New York State School Counseling Association on the important role that counselors play in the special... More About Author

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