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Sayyid Ahmad Barailvi

Sayyid Ahmad Barailvi
His Movement and Legacy from the Pukhtun Perspective

First Edition
  • Altaf Qadir - Department of History, University of Peshawar, Pakistan

January 2015 | 254 pages | SAGE India

Sayyid Ahmad Barailvi (1786–1831), the man who first propagated and led jihad during the 19th century in the then North-West Frontier, perceived and initially led it as a purely reformist movement in northern India. Reform and jihad were intended to purify and protect the Indian Muslims from innovations and the atrocities of the British and Sikhs, respectively. 

Relating the history of the movement, the book takes perspectives from the immediate localities of the Pukhtun region and elaborates on the reasons for the failure of the movement. It assesses the social, political, religious, and economic impact of jihad on the Pukhtun region and discusses whether Barailvi’s movement is solely responsible for the present-day jihadi mindset, as some authors argue.

The book uses historical information, narratives, and perspectives from original texts written in regional languages and transliterated texts from Pukhtu.


Mughal India and the Frontier at the dawn of Nineteenth Century
Sayyid Ahmad Barailvi: Biography and Thoughts
Call for Jihad, Migration to the Frontier, and Declaration of Imarat
Transitional Period: The Search for Headquarters
The Rise of the Mujahidin in the Frontier
Success, Limits, and Failure
Impact of the Movement upon the Frontier
Appendix A: English Translation of the Farman of King Ahmad Shah Abdali, Durr-i-Durran, King of Kabul (Afghanistan)
Appendix B: Hadith Related to Mujahidin of Khorasan and Mahdi
Appendix C: Treaty between the British Government and the Raja of Lahore (Dated 25 April 1809)
Appendix D: Names of the Hindustani Mujahidin Killed in the Battle of Akora Khattak (1826)
Appendix E: List of Mujahidin Killed in Balakot (1831)

The book uses historical information, narratives and perspectives from original texts written in regional languages and Pakhtun.

Free Press Journal, 10 January 2016

Altaf Qadir

Altaf Qadir is Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Peshawar, where he joined as a lecturer. He is a Life Member of the Pakistan Historical Society. Qadir served as Lecturer in history for about three years in the Department of Higher Education (Colleges), Government of former North-West Frontier Province. More About Author

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