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Sampling Essentials

Sampling Essentials
Practical Guidelines for Making Sampling Choices

  • Johnnie Daniel - Howard University, USA, Loyola University Chicago, USA, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukie, Tuskegee University, USA, University of Michigan, USA

May 2011 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Designed for the nontechnical researcher or generalist, this text provides the reader with a good understanding of sampling principles. The author gives a detailed, nontechnical description and guidelines with limited presentation of formulas to help reach basic research decisions, such as when to choose a sample vs. census and nonprobability vs. probability sampling as well as how to select sample size and sample type. Intended for the social and behavioral sciences, Sampling Essentials is appropriate for undergraduate students, graduate students, and research practitioners.
List of Tables, Figures, and Research Notes
Chapter 1. Preparing to Make Sampling Choices
Chapter 2. Choosing Between Taking a Census and Sampling
Chapter 3. Choosing Between Nonprobability Sampling and Probability Sampling
Chapter 4. Choosing the Type of Nonprobability Sampling
Chapter 5. Choosing the Type of Probability Sampling
Chapter 6. Sampling Based on the Nature of the Sampling Unit and Mixed-Methods Sample Designs
Chapter 7. Choosing the Size of the Sample

Too specific for what I was looking for.

Dr Clay Craig
School Of Mass Communication, Texas Technology University
August 19, 2013

Easy to read intro to sampling issues. Not statistically based.

John Bell
Psychology Dept, University of Alabama
October 22, 2012

We have chosen to use this text because it will help provide more detailed instruction on sampling for our students. This seems to be an area where students have initial difficulty and this resource will help them as they process through the early stages of design.

Dr Michael Wilder
Sch Of Leadership Church Min, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
July 30, 2011

Johnnie N. Daniel

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