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Restructuring Schools

Restructuring Schools
Doing It Right

Volume: 6

May 1993 | 80 pages | Corwin
This easy-to-read guide helps school administrators decide if they have the necessary resources and commitment to make restructuring happen. Using his own extensive experience, the author explains the phases of diagnosis and the processes of change involved as well as offering the strategies needed to facilitate reform.
What Is It?

Clarifying Purposes
Developing Structures and Roles
Promoting Supportive Beliefs and Behaviors
Providing Resources
Changing Schools

Assessing Restructuring Efforts
Activities to Promote Restructuring

Mike M. Milstein

Mike M. Milstein is a partner in The Resiliency Group, Ltd., and Professor Emeritus of Educational Leadership at the University of New Mexico. His professional career also includes being Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Buffalo and a classroom teacher. His teaching, research, and writing interests are in the areas of resiliency and organiza­tional change and development. He has been actively engaged in school and community resiliency development efforts in such places as Nelson, New Zealand, Ashland, Oregon; Battle Creek, Michigan; and Shelby County, Tennessee. The resil­iency initiatives he has facilitated include... More About Author

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