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Reallocating Resources

Reallocating Resources
How to Boost Student Achievement Without Asking for More

September 2000 | 120 pages | Corwin
This book tells the story of how schools can finance expensive programme needs by describing the vast array of decisions that must be made, including how to pay for new strategies.
About the Authors
Introduction: Why Reallocate Resources?
1. The Change Process
2. Defining a New Educational Strategy
3. Organizing and Staffing the School to Support the New Educational Strategy
4. Deciding How to Serve Students Who Need Extra Help
5. Paying for the Changes
6. Effects of Resource Reallocation and District Roles to Support Such Changes
Resource A: Resources on the Internet

 "A fundamental resource on designing school funding allocations."

Joseph W. Rudnicki
Superintendent, Sunnyvale Elementary School District, Sunnyvale CA

"Resource Reallocation focuses not only on funds, but also on staffing, use of building space and instructional time. One of the book's strengths is that it discusses resource reallocation as a key component in the larger comprehensive school improvement process and not as a separate budget preparation item. This book will provoke school leaders to reconsider how their own existing resources might be reallocated to address schoolwide improvement efforts and better student learning."

The School Administrator, August 2002
Reviewed by Ceclia Krill, Assoc. Professor of Educational Leadership, Virginia Polytechnic Inst. and State Univ.

Allan R. Odden

Allan Odden is Professor Emeritus of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; he also is Co-Director of the Strategic Management of Human Capital (SMHC) in public education and Co-Director of the Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE). CPRE is a consortium of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Pennsylvania, Harvard, Michigan, Northwestern, Teachers College-Columbia University, and Stanford Universities. He is an international expert on education finance, effective resource allocation and use, resource reallocation, the strategic management of human capital in education, teacher... More About Author

Sarah J. Archibald

Sarah Archibald is a school finance researcher at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research. She has a PhD in educational leadership in policy analysis (ELPA) from the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and currently holds an appointment as a lecturer in the ELPA department. Her career at the University of Wisconsin began as an undergraduate in political science; she received her BA in 1993. Next, she received a master's degree in policy analysis from the La Follette Institute of Public Affairs in 1998, and shortly thereafter became a researcher at the Consortium for Policy Research in Education at UW-Madison ... More About Author

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