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Reach the Highest Standard in Professional Learning: Data

Reach the Highest Standard in Professional Learning: Data

Edited by:

Thomas R. Guskey, Valerie von Frank

June 2014 | 128 pages | Corwin

Part of a groundbreaking 7-book series, co-developed by Learning Forward and Corwin, this book closes the "knowing-doing" gap by guiding educational leaders through the process for implementing the Learning Forward Standard for Professional Learning: Data.


Tackling the Data standard, it provides:

  • Original essays written by leading experts in the field to promote deeper understandings of the meaning of the Data standard
  • An array of templates, tools, and protocols to help you design and delivery quality professional learning in your own district or school
  • Case studies of districts "getting it right" and educators who have realized the promise of effective professional learning.
Stephanie Hirsh
Introduction to the Series
The Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning
The Data Standard
About the Authors
Thomas R. Guskey
1. Using Data in Deliberate and Thoughtful Ways
Patricia Roy
2. Using Data to Make Professional Learning Decisions
Valerie von Frank
3. The Case Study

"Learning Forward’s Standards for Professional Learning define the essential elements of and conditions for professional learning that leads to changed educator practices and improved student results. They are grounded in the understanding that the ultimate purpose of professional learning is increasing student success. Educator effectiveness – and this includes all educators working in and with school systems, not just teachers – is linked closely to student learning. Therefore increasing the effectiveness of educators is a key lever to school improvement…Reach the Highest Standard is created to be an essential set of tools to help school and system leaders take those steps toward educator effectiveness."

Stephanie Hirsh, Executive Director
Learning Forward

Sample Materials & Chapters


Thomas R. Guskey

Thomas R. Guskey, PhD, is Professor Emeritus in the College of Education at the University of Kentucky. A graduate of the University of Chicago’s renowned Measurement, Evaluation, and Statistical Analysis (MESA) program, he began his career in education as a middle school teacher, served as an administrator in the Chicago Public Schools, and was the first Director of the Center for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning, a national educational research center. He is the author/editor of twenty-seven books and over three hundred articles published in prominent research journals as well as Educational Leadership, Kappan, and The School... More About Author

Patricia Ann Roy

Dr. Patricia Roy is a Senior Consultant with Learning Forward’s Center for Results. She works with state departments of education, districts, and schools across the United States as well as internationally. Most recently, she developed briefings and a resource guide to help schools use results from the revised Standards Assessment Inventory (SAI2) to improve professional learning. She has authored many articles and chapters on effective professional development,  school improvement, innovation configuration maps, and cooperative learning. In her work with Learning Forward, Pat developed professional learning resource toolkits for... More About Author

Valerie von Frank

Valerie von Frank has written extensively about education over several decades as a daily newspaper reporter in multiple states covering public schools and, over the last decade, for NSDC publications, including JSD, Tools for Schools, The Learning System, The Learning Principal, and T3. She is a former editor of JSD, worked as a daily newspaper editor, served as communications director in an urban public school district, and was communications director for a Michigan nonprofit school reform organization. She is co-author with Ann Delehant of Making Meetings Work: How to Get Started, Get Going, and Get It Done (Corwin Press, 2007). She is... More About Author

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