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Racism and Media

Racism and Media

  • Gavan Titley - National University of Ireland Maynooth, Ireland

June 2019 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

New media have radically altered our understanding of racism, so that an issue that has too often been assumed to belong to the past has been thrust into the contemporary mainstream. In light of the clear impact of both traditional and new media on Brexit in the UK and the Trump Presidency in the US, it is imperative for students of media and public discourse to examine the role played by the media in the generation, circulation and contestation of racist ideas. In Racism and Media, Gavan Titley:

  • Explains why racism is such a complex and contested concept
  • Provides a set of theoretical and analytical tools with which to interrogate the empirical world of racism and media
  • Demonstrates methods’ application through a wide range of case studies, taking in examples from the UK, US, Europe and Australia
  • Examines the rise and impact of online and social media racism
  • Invites readers to confront tensions in their own experiences of racism and media

This book is an essential companion for students of media, communications, sociology and cultural studies.

Chapter 1 Racism Everywhere and Nowhere: The Debatability of Racism
Chapter 2 The Politics of Representation in Post-racial Media Culture
Chapter 3 Reasonable Aversions: Discourse, Journalism and the Muslim/Migrant ‘Problem’
Chapter 4 From ‘Hate’ to ‘Like’: Organized and Assembled Racism in Networked Media Environments
Chapter 5 Hate Speech and Freedom of Expression
Chapter 6 Anti-Racism and Digital Media Culture

This book is important. It builds on an astonishing array of writers on race and media to develop an original perspective on what it calls the ‘debatibility’ of racism. Its arguments are well illustrated. It is theoretically sophisticated. It is also politically sharp. All what’s left is for you to read it.

Ghassan Hage
The University of Melbourne

Media and Racism addresses one of the major challenges of today’s world: the continuing racisms propagated, reproduced and reinforced via different genres and media in many context dependent ways. This book is an excellent, well argued, and comprehensive overview, with several in-depth case studies, which illustrate how pervasive racist attitudes, strategies, and practices have become and how they are disseminated both in formal and informal everyday interactions. A most valuable contribution to media studies, discourse studies, and political science.

Ruth Wodak
Rutgers University

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