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Quote This!

Quote This!
A Collection of Illustrated Quotes for Educators

112 pages | Corwin
Educators love quotes. They are used in presentations, memos, newsletters, and on bulletin boards, motivational gifts and notes, and the office walls of many school leaders. Now educators have the Quote This! collection of inspirational quotes as well as a set of illustrations on CD-ROM for easy use in creating visually powerful PowerPoint presentations, newsletters, posters, note cards, banners, and more.

Designed to influence, encourage, and motivate, this handy reference is organized around the themes of children, education, leadership, work/human relations, and special occasions.

About the Author
1. Education
2. Children
3. Leadership
4. Human/Work Relations

“Diane Hodges has an innate ability to capture the thoughts and feelings of educators. With her latest endeavor she has combined powerful quotes with equally powerful photography and art work. You need to go no further than a few pages to find the perfect quote and art to compliment any Power Point presentation. Teachers may even wish to use these beautiful pages as mini posters in their classrooms to encourage and motivate students. The uses are endless.”

Deb Macklin, Secretary
Jennings Elementary School, Quincy, MI

"I like using these quotes and graphics in communications with parents and students who are participating in our Hispanic Futures Conference series."

Mike Perez, Jr., Parent Program Specialist
Austin Independent School District, TX

“A wonderful mix of art and wisdom and a delightful resource for any educator or administrator. The quotes are perfectly suitable for framing, for use in a PowerPoint slideshow before an inservice session, or simply for personal enlightenment. This book will touch your heart and leave a lasting impression.”

William R. Warren, Teacher
Van Buren Technology Center, Lawrence, MI

"A brilliant compilation of quotes and illustrations. This book enhances the relevance of the lesson plan and saves teachers countless hours of searching the Internet for that perfect inspiration! Bravo!"

Patti Kenworthy, Instructional Manager
Van Buren Technology Center, Lawrence, MI

“The pictures and quotes are very inspirational for teaching staff and students. They would be excellent in lesson plans and PowerPoint presentations.”

Sue Conklin, Director
Van Buren Technology Center, Lawrence, MI

"Diane Hodges's refreshing insight into educators' hearts and heads rekindles and reconnects the passion of teaching with the fun that it can be."

Susan Symons, Career and Technical Education Consultant
Pottawatomie Consortium, KS

"This is a truly magical book that reminds me why I went into teaching and continue to love what I do."

Patricia Stubbs, Third-Grade Teacher
Reche Canyon Elementary School, Colton, CA

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Diane Hodges

Diane Hodges is the managing partner of Threshold Group, an educational consulting firm in San Diego. After 30+ years as an educator, she is sharing her insights through books and international speaking events. Her wit and humor have delighted audiences and readers everywhere. She has served as an executive director of career and technical education, director of instructional services, director of human resources, secondary principal, counselor, and instructor. She earned her doctorate from Michigan State University, has received twelve national and state awards, and is a best-selling author of eight books. More About Author

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