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Quantitative Narrative Analysis

Quantitative Narrative Analysis

October 2009 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Covering a number of disciplines, including linguistics, literary criticism, computer science, and statistics, this book illustrates author Roberto Franzosi's distinctive approach to the quantitative analysis of large volumes of narrative texts. The author bases his approach on a rigorous linguistic theory of narrative, rather than the ad-hoc approach typical of content analysis. Focusing on statistical techniques that mirror key narrative features, the book also shows how quantitative narrative analysis (QNA) goes hand-in-hand with another technique of qualitative data analysis: QCA (qualitative comparative analysis).
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Series Editor's Introduction
1. Orientation
2. Text Genres, Narrative, and Story Grammars
3. Computer Storage and Retrieval of Narrative Information
4. Things to Do With Words
5. Coda
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"This is a thought-provoking, timely book because of the increasing interest in narrative techniques and approaches to scholarly management, entrepreneurship and leadership circles. It is a must-read item for serious entrepreneurship, family business and leadership researchers, whether of a quantitative or qualitative volition."

Robert Smith
The Robert Gordon University - Aberdeen

Roberto Franzosi

Roberto Franzosi (PhD at Johns Hopkins, 1981) works at the intersection of sociology, history, linguistics, rhetoric, and computer science. He is working on two major projects: the rise of Italian fascism (1919–1922) and Georgia lynchings (1875–1935). To carry out these projects, based on thousands of newspaper articles, he has developed a computer-assisted approach to text (Quantitative Narrative Analysis, QNA), a software (PC-ACE), and has now moved to fully automated, computational linguistic approaches to text. He has published several books: Tropes and Figures (Routledge, 2017); Quantitative Narrative Analysis (SAGE, 2010); Content... More About Author

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