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Promoting Your School

Promoting Your School
Going Beyond PR

Third Edition
Edited by:
  • Carolyn Warner - Corporate Education Consulting, Inc., Corporate Education Consulting Inc

Foreword by Jay Mathews

January 2009 | 264 pages | Corwin
Increase public confidence and support for your school through effective communications! Administrators will find that this updated edition of the bestseller is packed with techniques for projecting a positive school image and strengthening the four-way partnership between schools, parents, community, and the private sector. The author offers novice and experienced school leaders practical tools for successfully communicating school goals, successes, challenges, needs, and educational priorities. The new edition features: Updated examples of recommended strategies within each chapter New chapters on 'Communicating with Technology' and 'Rallying Support for Public Schools'A revised, user-friendly Table of Contents and List of Resources
List of Resources and Sample Documents
Foreword by Jay Mathews
Preface to the Third Edition
About the Author
Part I. Establishing Communication
1. The Foundation of Success
The Communication Process

Dealing With Perceptions

Opinion Leaders

Getting the Word Out

2. Making Your Schools Stand Out
Improving Your Image

Strategic Planning: The Key to Organizational Success

Developing a Marketing Plan

Ideas to Help You Get Started

References and Suggested Readings

3. Internal Communication
Techniques for Improving Staff Communication

Techniques for Improving Student Communication

References and Suggested Readings

4. Publications/Electronic Communications

Technology Tools

Monthly Calendar/Menu

Parent/Student Handbooks

Brochures and Flyers


Suggestions for Better Writing

References and Suggested Readings

5. Media Relations
Building a Working Relationship With Reporters

Getting Your Story to the Media

Writing a News Release

Preparing a Media Tip Sheet

Writing a Public Service Announcement (PSA)

Dealing With Newspapers

Using Television Effectively

Working With Radio

Tips for Talking to the Media

References and Suggested Readings

Part II. Building and Strengthening Partnerships
6. Building Your Team
Who Makes Up the Team

Successful Teams Communicate Well

The Leader as Facilitator

Defining the Task

Getting to Work

References and Suggested Readings

7. Involving Parents in School
Effective Educators Seek Parent Support

Ways to Involve Parents

Changing Demographics of the American Family

Hard-to-Reach Parents

Parents Needed for Political and Economic Support

References and Suggested Readings

8. Community Outreach
Getting the Community Involved

References and Suggested Readings

9. Rallying Support for Public Education
Career and Vocational-Technical Education

How State Coalitions Are Raising Support for Public Education

10. Strengthening and Showcasing Instruction
Cooperative Learning

Authentic Instruction

Problem-Based Learning

Interdisciplinary Units

Incorporating Technology

Multiple Intelligences


References and Suggested Readings

Part III. Acknowledging Change
11. Crisis Management
Organizing a Crisis Planning Committee

Developing a Crisis Plan

School Crisis Team

Managing the Crisis

Communicating the Situation

After the Crisis

A Private Crisis

References and Suggested Readings

12. Data Gathering: Road Map for Accomplishments
Types of Data Gathering

Identifying Your Target Audience

Deciding What to Ask

Collecting Data From Other Sources

Evaluating and Reporting the Results

References and Suggested Readings

13. Communicating With (New) Technology: Going Beyond Web Sites
Techno Terminology

Internet Behavior Tracking


"A good base that can be used immediately. I would recommend it for university classes and to colleagues."

William A. Sommers, Senior Fellow
University of Minnesota

"Warner says upfront her book is light on theory but heavy on practicality, which busy school leaders will welcome because their action-packed schedules allow little time to find successful strategies that can be adapted to their individual schools."

The School Administrator, October 2010, Vol. 67(9)
American Association of School Administrators

“Clearly indicates how to communicate with a variety of groups to obtain public support. This book is very easy to read and understand and has a wealth of examples.”

Anne Roede Giddings, Assistant Superintendent
Ansona Public Schools, CT

"The examples spur thought on how schools can best communicate with their communities. The book is truly a practitioner’s handbook that any educator can learn from and put immediately into use."

Bruce Deterding, Principal
Wichita Heights High School, Wichita, KS
Key features
Full of tools, resources, and sample documents.

The author is a well-known presenter and speaker at conferences and consulting.   

The third edition reflects increased usage of technology by schools and school districts and provides proven tips and strategies for effective use of technology in school communications.

Sample Materials & Chapters



Chapter 1

Carolyn Warner

Carolyn Warner has gained national stature as one of America's most articulate educational and public policy leaders. A product of pioneering Oklahoma stock, her father was an Oklahoma State Senator, teacher, and newspaper publisher in whose honor the first public school in Oklahoma's Indian Territory was named. Her mother, also a teacher, served as a school principal in both Oklahoma and California.With six children in the public schools, Carolyn Warner became an active parent volunteer and PTA member, and she began her public service career with election to the Phoenix Union High School District Board of Trustees. In 1974, following a... More About Author

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