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Powerful Professional Development

Powerful Professional Development
Building Expertise Within the Four Walls of Your School

Edited by:

Foreword by Stephanie Hirsh

July 2012 | 200 pages | Corwin
In this volume, bestselling authors Diane Yendol-Hoppey and Nancy Fichtman Dana have crafted an essential guide to job-embedded professional development (PD) and demonstrate how educators can strengthen teacher learning without breaking the budget.

Rather than advocating a specific method, Powerful Professional Development: Building Expertise Within the Four Walls of Your School presents a full toolbox of professional development strategies with suggestions for implementation and recommendations about which tools to use at different times and in different contexts. Using this comprehensive resource, schools can move away from the traditional model of professional development that relies on outside experts, and instead draw on and develop the skills and talents of their own faculty.

Covering a range of approaches and techniques and sharing examples of lessons learned from schools and districts that have cultivated these approaches successfully, the authors describe and evaluate a full spectrum of models of job-embedded PD, including

- Book study

- Webinars

- Co-teaching

- Open space technology

- Lesson study

- Action research

- Coaching

- Professional learning communities

- Online communities, and more.

Foreword, by Stephanie Hirsh
About the Authors
Part I. What Is Powerful Job-Embedded Profressional Development, and How Can You Make It Happen?
1. Cultivating Professional Development From Inside the Four Walls of Your School
So What Is Job-Embedded Professional Development?

What Are the Building Blocks for Job-Embedded Professional Development?

An Example: What Did Mrs. Oublier Teach Us About Building Professional Knowledge That Facilitates Change?

Concluding Thoughts

Additional Resources

2. Creating Space and Reconceptualizing Roles for Job-Embedded PD: Building the Back Porch
What Exactly Is a School's Back Porch?

Who Is on the Back Porch? Roles and Responsibilities

What Is a Teacher Leader?

What Is the Role of the Principal?

Concluding Thoughts

Additional Resources

3. Thinking Outside the Clock and Inside the Budget: How to Find Time and Money for Job-Embedded PD
Finding Time

Finding Money

How to Use Time and Money Creatively

An Example: Finding Time and Money for Job-Embedded PD

Concluding Thoughts

Additional Resources

Part II. The Professional Development Toolbox: Strategies to Actualize Powerful Professional Development
4. Book Studies, Webinars, Podcasts, and Online Video Libraries
Definition: Book Study

Definitions: Webinar, Podcasts, and Online Video Library

Illustration: From Book Study to Webinar and Back Again

What Have We Learned?

Some Things to Think About

Additional Resources

5. Research-in-Action and Coteaching
Definition: Research-in-Action

Illustration: Research-in Action

Definition: Coteaching

Illustration: Coteaching?Lead and Support

Illustration: Coteaching?Parallel Teaching

What Have We Learned?

Some Things to Think About

Additional Resources

6. Conversation Tools: Protocols, Open Space Technology, and the Knowledge Cafe
Definition: Conversation Tools

Illustration: Conversation Tools

What Have We Learned?

Some Things to Think About

Additional Resources

7. Lesson Study
Definition: Lesson Study

Illustration: Lesson Study

What Have We Learned?

Some Things to Think About

Additional Resources

8. Teacher Inquiry/Action Research
Definition: Teacher Inquiry/Action Research

Illustration: Teacher Inquiry/Action Research

What Have We Learned?

Some Things to Think About

Additional Resources

9. Coaching Models: Peer, Culturally Responsive, and Content Focused
Definition: Coaching

Illustration: Peer Coaching

Illustration: Culturally Responsive Coaching

Illustration: Content-Focused Coaching

What Have We Learned?

Some Things to Think About

Additional Resources

10. Professional Learning Communities
Definition: Professional Learning Community

Illustration: Inquiry-Oriented PLC

What Have We Learned?

Some Things to Think About

Additional Resources

Part III. Using Your Toolbox: Tips for Developing a Successful Job-Embedded, Professional Development Program
11. Making the Match: Aligning Data and the Right Tools With Your Particular Needs
What Factors Should I Consider in the Matchmaking Process?

Illustration: Sixth-Grade Language Arts Teacher Keisha Wagner

What Is a Theory of Change, Why Do You Need One, and How Do You Get One?

Illustration: Elementary School Teacher Leader Kevin Smith

Tips for Making the Perfect Match for Professional Learning

Concluding Thoughts

12. Effective Professional Development Within Your School Walls: Lessons Learned
Ten Lessons for Making Job-Embedded Professional Development a Success at Your School

Parting Comments

References and Additional Reading

“This book pulls together critical elements necessary for schools to harness and harvest the talent that exists within their walls. The authors offer a menu of practical, integrated, research-based tools and processes that engage and empower teachers and administrators to co-construct a powerful form of job-embedded professional development that is relevant, focused, and organic. In so doing, schools transform themselves into a self-sustaining learning organization.”

Pedro R. Bermúdez, Professional Development Support
Ready Schools Miami, FL

“The structure of this book makes it the perfect resource for any school team or leader striving to implement job-embedded professional development resulting in improved teacher practice and student learning. The authors not only provide all of the tools for our work as district leaders, principals, teacher leaders, or coaches, they also present illustrations from educators in the field to demonstrate application of the tools.”

Carla Williamson, Executive Director of Professional Development/Teacher Leadership
West Virginia Department of Education

“I love, love, love this book! It’s a veritable smorgasbord of strategies for professional development that maximizes time and on-site expertise. From the perspective of an educator hungry for cost-effective, proven ways to promote ongoing, job-embedded professional learning, this is an à la carte menu from which to build healthy professional development ‘meals’ based on specific needs and available resources.”

Gail Ritchie, Instructional Coach
Fairfax County Public Schools, VA

"Yendol-Hoppey and Dana recognize our 'reality of the moment' and offer solutions that will allow us to continue in our quest to make good teachers great."

Terry Campanella, Coach
Broward County Public Schools, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Foreword by Stephanie Hirsh


Diane Yendol-Hoppey

Diane Yendol-Hoppey is a professor of education and dean in the College of Education and Human Services at the University of North Florida. Prior to her appointment at the University of North Florida, she served as the associate dean of educator preparation and partnerships at the University of South Florida, director of the Benedum Collaborative at West Virginia University and taught for many years at the University of Florida where she was the evaluator of numerous district, state, and national professional development efforts. Before beginning her work in higher education, Diane spent 13 years as an elementary school teacher in... More About Author

Nancy Fichtman Dana

Nancy Fichtman Dana is currently professor of education in the School of Teaching and Learning at the University of Florida, Gainesville. She began her career in education as an elementary school teacher in Hannibal Central Schools, New York. Since earning her PhD from Florida State University in 1991, she has been a passionate advocate for teacher inquiry and has worked >extensively in supporting schools, districts and universities in implementing powerful programs of job-embedded professional development through inquiry across the United States and in several countries, including China, South Korea, Belgium, Portugal, The Netherlands,... More About Author

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