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Powerful Partnerships

Powerful Partnerships
A Handbook for Principals Mentoring Assistant Principals

November 2008 | 144 pages | Corwin
Although assistant principals are key influences in our nation's schools and represent the next generation of school principals, little has been done to address professional development for these administrators. At the local level, assistants often spend their time handling student activities and discipline with little opportunity to exercise more sophisticated leadership. At the state and national levels, the position has not received much attention.

Positioning the partnership between principals and assistant principals as a coaching-based relationship serving the best interests of both students and schools, Powerful Partnerships presents specific tools to help principal/assistant principal teams define and strengthen their significant collaboration and to nurture the development of future school leaders.

Through discussion questions and shared activities, this resource provides opportunities for principals and assistant principals to develop a shared vision for their relationship and school, and to design a plan for communication and professional growth. The author examines aspects of instructional leadership including supervising and supporting teachers, classroom walkthroughs, professional learning communities, and using data for school improvement. Principals and assistant principals are invited to study this book together, addressing critical topics such as:

- leadership as stewardship

- unique leadership challenges involved in working with people

- key instructional leadership responsibilities that are shared by both administrators

About the Authors
Part 1. Building a Powerful Partnership
1. A Coaching-Based Relationship
2. Building and Communicating a Shared Vision
3. You Need to Meet
4. The Leader-Follower Relationship
5. Building an Apprenticeship Plan
Part 2. The Managerial Basics
1. Time Management
2. Delegation
3. Student Discipline
4. Student Activities
5. Site Budget Management
6. Enrollment Projections
7. Building the Master Schedule
Part 3. Working With People
1. School Culture and Climate
2. Recognition
3. Classified Staff
4. Difficult Conversations
5. Effective Meetings
6. Decision Making and Problem Solving
7. Communications and Public Information
8. Community Engagement
9. Dealing With Difficult Parents
Part 4. Instructional Leadership
1. Professional Reading
2. Supervising and Supporting Teachers
3. Classroom Walkthroughs
4. Professional Learning Communities
5. Using Student Data to Improve Teaching and Learning
6. School Planning Processes
7. Professional Development Planning

"Relationships are the foundations of successful organizations. Bloom and Krovetz have made public one of the most important and normally overlooked teams. Creating and sustaining this partnership is essential to student and organizational learning."

William A. Sommers, Past President
National Staff Development Council

"This much-needed handbook is an excellent resource for principals and assistant principals as they face the challenges of school improvement together. The exercises focus school leaders on building their collective strengths, expanding their learning opportunities, providing schools with strong succession plans, and enabling leadership teams to address differences while building the capacity for effective teamwork."

Sandra J. Stein, Chief Executive Officer
NYC Leadership Academy

"These authors, having been principals and assistant principals themselves, know exactly what they are talking about. Step by step, they take the reader on a narrative walk-through of the principalship, presenting engaging stories, practical tools, and dynamic activities. The authors address both the internal and external relationships of the principalship and cover all the ingredients necessary to build a strong mentoring relationship between principal and assistant principal."

Lois J. Zachary, President
Leadership Development Services LLC

Gary S. Bloom

Gary Bloom is the lead author of Blended Coaching: Supporting the Development and Supervision of School Leaders. Gary has 40 years of K–12 education experience, having served as a bilingual teacher, principal, director of curriculum, and assistant superintendent. He served as the superintendent of the Aromas-San Juan Unified School District, known for its innovative programs, such as graduation exhibitions, a teacher-led high school, and teacher peer review. More recently he served as superintendent of Santa Cruz City Schools. He was a founder and Associate Director of the New Teacher Center at the University of California Santa Cruz.... More About Author

Martin L. Krovetz

Martin L. Krovetz is the director of the Leading for Equity and Achievement Design (LEAD) Center, a regional center of the Coalition of Essential Schools. From 1991 to 2006, he was a professor of educational leadership at San Jose State University. During this time, he developed and coordinated the Master’s in Collaborative Leadership Program. From 1977 to 1991, he was a high school principal in Santa Cruz, California. In addition to being the author of the Fostering Resillience, he is the author with Gilberto Arriaza of Collaborative Teacher Leadership: How Teachers Can Foster Equitable Schools, published by Corwin Press in 2006. He has... More About Author

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