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Passing the PPR TExES Exam for EC–12 Teachers

Passing the PPR TExES Exam for EC–12 Teachers
Keys to Certification and Ethical Teaching

First Edition

136 pages | Corwin
ôA timely and critically important guide focused on the competencies essential for teachers to enter the classroom and work with diverse students.öùPatrick M. Jenlink, Professor of Doctoral StudiesStephen F. Austin State University, TXôThe authors have created a comprehensive, upbeat, and positive step-by-step process on how to study for the TExES examùoffering real-life ideas that even a veteran teacher could use.öùDebra Hurst, ELL Kindergarten TeacherAustin Independent School District, TXAce the test, lower your stress, and achieve success!Best-selling author Elaine L. Wilmore and educator Amy Burkman bring extensive TExES exam-development and workshop-training experience to this comprehensive handbook. Written in a friendly and encouraging tone, the text helps aspiring teachers prepare for the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities TExES Exam. The book details each of the learner-centered standards, domains, and competencies while addressing todayÆs hot topics of assessment, diversity, technology, family and student engagement, legal/ethical issues, and professional development. The authors also connect theory to practice with real-life examples that demonstrate the leadership philosophy behind the exam. Special features include:Test-taking tips and strategies that build confidence Practical application examples from each domain and area of competencyA fun ôOur Favoritesö section that develops critical thinking and synthesizes conceptsPractice ôdecision setsö with answers targeted to specific competenciesThis guidebook is more than the definitive roadmap to preparing for the PPR TExES exam. The authors give you indispensable keys to becoming a successful and world-changing teacher.
About the Authors
Section I. Content: The Knowledge Base
1. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Teaching

The Standards

Getting Started

Section II. The Theoretical Framework
2. It’s All Good
Global Overview of TExES Standards

Key Concepts

“Guess My Favorites”

The Ideal Teacher


Standard I. Designing Instruction and Assessment to Promote Student Learning
3. Competency 001, Human Development and Learner Centered Instruction and Assessment
4. Competency 002, Diversity and Learner Centered Instruction and Assessment
5. Competency 003, Curriculum Design and Learner Centered Instruction and Assessment
6. Competency 004, Learning Processes and Other Factors in Instruction and Assessment
Standard II: Creating a Positive, Productive Classroom Environment
7. Competency 005, Establishing a Classroom Climate
8. Competency 006, Establishing a Productive Learning Environment
Standard III: Implementing Effective, Responsive Instruction and Assessment
9. Competency 007, Effective Communication in the Learning Environment
10. Competency 008, Student Engagement in the Learning Environment
11. Competency 009, Effective Technology Use in the Learning Environment
12. Competency 010, Monitoring Student Performance in the Learning Environment
Standard IV: Fulfilling Professional Roles and Responsibilities
13. Competency 007, Family Involvement
14. Competency 007, Enhancing Professional Knowledge and Skills
15. Competency 007, Legal and Ethical Requirements
Section III. The Real Deal: Practical Application
16. Creating a Personal Success Plan
17. Test Taking Strategies
SECTION IV. After You Pass the Test
18. That’s What I’m Talking About
Actually Becoming Certified

Ace It!

References and Suggested Further Reading

"This book not only provides necessary information for those preparing to enter the teaching field, but is a great resource for teachers looking to improve their skills, as well. The examples provided are good and relevant, and the anecdotes are pertinent. The authors provide essential test taking strategies as well as tips to mentally prepare yourself… to visualize the outcome."

Lyneille Meza, Coordinator
Data and Assessment, Denton ISD, TX

"The authors have created a comprehensive, upbeat and positive step by step process on how to study for the TExES exam--offering real life ideas that even a veteran teacher could use. Teacher candidates will especially benefit from the test taking strategies, the imagining of the ideal classroom, and even finding out what to do after passing the test."

Debra Hurst, ELL Kindergarten Teacher
Austin Independent School District, TX

"The authors have provided a timely and critically important guide for both the student who aspires to be a teacher and the teacher educator who knows all too well the challenges of not just being a teacher, but an ethical one. This book is richly appointed with a step-by-step instructional guide, accessible language, and detailed scenarios. It is integrally focused on the competencies essential for teachers to enter the classroom and work with diverse students against the backdrop of national and state tensions confronting today’s teachers and schools."

Patrick M. Jenlink, Professor of Doctoral Studies
Stephen F. Austin State University, TX

Amy Jo Burkman

Amy Burkman is an Associate Professor at American Public University. She has served as a provider of professional development for the Education Service Center for Region 11 and several school districts within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Burkman received a Master's Degree in Library Sciences from Texas Woman's University in 2002, where she was also inducted in Beta Phi Mu, the International Library & Information Studies Honor Society. She was awarded her doctorate from Texas Christian University in May 2009. Burkman is, and has been, active in many local, state, and national organizations. She currently reviews materials for... More About Author

Barbara (Elaine) Litchfield Wilmore

Learn more about Elaine Wilmore's PD offeringsDr. Elaine Wilmore was a public school teacher, counselor, elementary, and middle school principal before she moved to higher education. She has extensive background in everything from Early Childhood Education to creating and leading doctoral programs. She currently serves as a Doctoral Dissertation Adviser for Nova Southeastern University. She ... More About Author