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Parallel Curriculum Units for Mathematics, Grades 6–12

Parallel Curriculum Units for Mathematics, Grades 6–12

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June 2012 | 152 pages | Corwin
This collection of lessons, building on material presented in the best-selling The Parallel Curriculum, are written by experienced teachers who provides innovative and challenging learning opportunities for students in Grades 6-12. The four sample units focus on fractions, linear modeling, geometry, and quadratic relationships. The authors provide user-friendly methods for creating high-quality lessons and demonstrate how to differentiate these lessons for the benefit of all students. Included are field-tested and standards-based strategies that guide students through:

" Understanding secondary-level mathematics concepts

" Discovering connections between mathematics and other subjects

" Developing critical thinking skills

" Connecting mathematics learning to society through the study of real-world data, proportional reasoning, and problem solving

Each unit includes subject matter background, a content framework, study components, teacher reflections, and sample lessons. Learn from the experts and enhance your mathematics curriculum with these proven strategies.

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Introduction to the Parallel Curriculum Model
Helen Weingart
1. Equivalent Fractions and Partitioning Sets: Keys to Success in Higher-Level Mathematics, Grades 6–7
Marianne Cavanaugh
2. Linear Programming: A Key to Decision Making, Grades 9–10
Amy J. Germundson
3. Similarity: A Study in Relationships, Grade 10
Carrie Heaney
4. Quadratic Relationships: A Middle School Unit in Algebra, Grade 8


Supplemental Resources Website
This companion website provides hi-resolution digital files for the resources referenced in the book, enabling teachers to easily print the materials for classroom use.

"Parallel Curriculum Units for Mathematics, Grades 6–12 combines four essential models for improving student understanding and growth in mathematics. The lessons provided in the textbook build on students' abilities, so they can see all parts of a math problem and are able to tackle and understand it at various levels."

Elizabeth Alvarez, Assistant Principal
John C. Dore Elementary, Chicago, IL

"Parallel Curriculum Units for Math, Grades 6-12 is a refreshing resource that gets to the heart of what quality math instruction should look like. The lessons included in this book provide teachers with an explicit path to guide students in their understanding of the 'whole concept'. The authors have carefully crafted pre-assessments, post-assessments and rubrics that help help teachers create the situations for students to make vital connections between the mathematics they are learning and the world in which they live."

Julie Duford, Middle School Math Teacher
Polson Middle School, Polson, MT

"This book is a great resource for teachers looking for ways to improve their practice and existing curriculum. Teachers can easily fall into the trap of doing the same thing year after year, but this book gives us all the opportunity to reexamine our course curriculum and find more effective ways of delivering the material to our students. This book makes outstanding connections between content topics and encourages higher level thinking."

Scott Currier, Math Teacher
Belmont High School, NH

"Teachers will find this a treasure trove of proven strategies, including: study components, critical thinking skills, problem solving and much more."

James A. Cox, Editor in Chief
The Midwest Book Review, August 2011

Jann H. Leppien

Jann Leppien served as a gifted and talented coordinator in Montana prior to attending the University of Connecticut, where she earned her doctorate in gifted education and worked as a research assistant at the National Research Center for the Gifted and Talented. She has been a teacher for 24 years, spending 14 of those years working as a classroom teacher, enrichment specialist, and coordinator of the Schoolwide Enrichment Model in Montana. She is past president of the Montana Association for Gifted and Tal­ented Education. Currently, she is an associate professor in the School of Education at the University of Great Falls in Montana.... More About Author

Jeanne H. Purcell

Jeanne H. Purcell is the consultant to the Connecticut State Depart­ment of Education for gifted and talented education. She is also director of UConn Mentor Connection, a nationally recognized summer mentorship program for talented teenagers that is part of the NEAG Center for Talent Development at the University of Con­necticut. Prior to her work at the State Department of Connecticut, she was an administrator for Rocky Hill Public Schools (CT); a pro­gram specialist with the National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented, where she worked collaboratively with other researchers on national issues related to high-achieving young... More About Author

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