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Online Professional Development Through Virtual Learning Communities

Online Professional Development Through Virtual Learning Communities

May 2013 | 120 pages | Corwin
Grounded in the district's Learner - Learner Model, participants in Virtual Learning Communities co-construct knowledge, refine their thinking, and expand their boundaries of learning opportunities across the boundaries of physical proximity, leading to higher levels of teaching effectiveness and new structures of learning. This book provides a hands-on guide to school leaders who wish to enact such high-powered, system-wide professional learning experiences leading to enhanced collaboration across geographical boundaries and higher levels of student achievement.
Preface: The Evolution of a Design
About the Author
About the Contributors
1. The Learner-Learner Model
2. Getting It Started: A Planning Guide
3. 10 Action Steps to an Online Virtual Learning Community
4. The Process: Transitioning a Face-to-Face Professional Learning Community to an Online Virtual Learning Community
5. Getting It Done: What Structures Support the Implementation of a Virtual Learning Community?
6. Building Capacity and Sustainability: School-Based Virtual Learning Cohorts
7. Pitfalls Don't Hold You Back
8. Summary: My Reflections

"This book provides district and school leaders with a practical guide to shifting professional learning from more traditional "sit and get" models to technology-enhanced models that foster collaboration and co-creation. Leaders charged with the work of transforming professional learning will benefit from this practical text."

Catherine Huber, Principal
Northwood Elementary, West Seneca, NY

"As educators, we need to rethink our designs of teaching and learning in order to prepare our students for a more advanced technological future. Using a virtual PLC model for professional development directly aligns districts with the type of learning students should be involved in. I envision Online Professional Development Through Virtual Learning Communities as a pioneer, forging the way for virtual PLC's all over the world."

Jennifer W. Ramamoorthi, Building Assistant
Community Consolidated School District 59, Mount Prospect, IL

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Chapter 1: The Learner-Learner Model


Sonja Hollins-Alexander

Dr. Sonja Hollins-Alexander has been in the field of education for 24 years with 18 of those being in educational leadership at the school, district and higher education levels. During this time, she has served as a school social worker, teacher, assistant principal, principal, coordinator, assistant director and director of professional learning, and chief of staff in two Metro Atlanta, GA school districts.  She has served on numerous United Way non-profit boards in the community and most recently served as the affiliate board president for Learning Forward, GA. She currently serves on the National Affiliate Leadership Council for... More About Author

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