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Nourishing Vocabulary

Nourishing Vocabulary
Balancing Words and Learning

May 2008 | 216 pages | Corwin
Nurture children's intellectual growth with meaningful ideas and rich language experiences! This unique book emphasizes the importance of supporting students' academic development with targeted vocabulary instruction that includes a wide range of language forms and words.

The authors provide sound theory and practical techniques to help teachers bridge the achievement gap by strengthening vocabulary, deepening literacy skills, and raising performance levels for all children.

This rich resource includes specific strategies for:

- Vocabulary acquisition

- Read alouds and independent reading

- Decoding unknown words

- Helping students distinguish between language patterns at home and at school

Foreword by Donald Bear
About the Authors
1. An Overview of the Vocabulary Pyramid
2. The Nature of Word Learning
3. Developing an Overall Vocabulary Plan
4. Planning Instruction for Primary Students
5. Planning Instruction for Upper Elementary Students
6. Planning Instruction for Secondary Students
7. Differentiating Instruction for English Learners and Students With Special Needs
8. Vocabulary Assessment and Evaluation
9. Programmatic Change
Appendix A: Reference Materials for Teaching English
Appendix B: Reproducible Materials

"This book addresses not only the need for vocabulary development, but also tools to use in the classroom. I liked how easy the tools and strategies were to work into everyday classroom activities and across the curriculum. Very practical."

Stephanie Malin, Elementary Instructional Coach
Beaverton School District, OR

"Goes to the next level by focusing on increasing the number of vocabulary words taught and teaching the students so that they can become more independent vocabulary learners—the end goal of all learning. You can develop a complete, holistic vocabulary program for your school."

Karen Landress, Speech/Language Pathologist
Brevard County Schools, FL

"Very important for everyone working with students on developing literacy and improving their overall education. Vocabulary instruction is a critical topic, and there is a great need for a well-developed program that can be readily implemented. This is one of the most thorough books on the topic."

Mary Amato, Literacy Coach
Alexander Graham Bell School, Chicago, IL

"If you want a well-researched, complete, easy-to-use resource filled with effective strategies for teaching vocabulary, look no further. Lubliner and Scott have done an excellent job of marshalling the best ideas on vocabulary development and teaching. This book will definitely be on my bookshelf."

Dana L. Grisham, Interim Associate Dean
California State University, East Bay

"Lubliner and Scott have researched and written a treatise that shows teachers, especially those working with mandated programs, how to integrate social studies and science instruction into their curriculum. Word study becomes the catalyst for increased student learning in all content areas."

Vivian Boyd, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Mt. Diablo Unified School District, CA

"As a literacy coach, I was particularly interested in the variety of problem-solving strategies and cue cards in this book. This links directly to our language arts program and could serve as a wonderful supplement as teachers plan their lessons."

Kathy O'Brien, Reading First Literacy Coach
Mt. Diablo Unified School District, CA

"As a bilingual literacy coach working primarily with English learners, it is so helpful to have a resource that addresses a critical component of language development with practical strategies."

Kathy Flores, Literacy Coach
Cambridge Elementary School, Concord, CA

"I was intrigued by the innovative strategies for the older student. The book addresses the difficult realities with secondary students who come into the US educational system with little or no English instruction."

Jana Perkins, ESL Teacher and Literacy Coach
Bay Area Public High School, San Carlos, CA

"With district and state mandates and teachers restricted by daily schedules, it is refreshing to find simple strategies that we can implement in our limited time."

Lynne Cheney, Fifth-Grade Teacher
Mt. Diablo Unified School District, CA

"At last, a book that exemplifies best practices in vocabulary instruction while using research to substantiate their use."

Valerie Helgren-Lempesis, Graduate Reading Coordinator
California State University, East Bay

Shira I. Lubliner

Shira Lubliner is the president of California Professors of Reading/Language Arts. She has been an educator for more than thirty years, working as a classroom teacher, a private school principal, and currently as an associate professor of teacher education at California State University, East Bay. She is the author of numerous articles and several books, including A Practical Guide to Reciprocal Teaching (Wright Group/McGraw-Hill, 2001), Getting Into Words: Vocabulary Instruction that Strengthens Comprehension (Brookes, 2005), and Nourishing Vocabulary (co-authored with Judith C. Scott, published by Corwin Press, 2008). Lubliner presents... More About Author

Judith A. Scott

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