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Mutiny at the Margins: New Perspectives on the Indian Uprising of 1857

Mutiny at the Margins: New Perspectives on the Indian Uprising of 1857
Volume II: Britain and the Indian Uprising

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Andrea Major - University of Leeds, UK
  • Crispin Bates - Professor, Modern and Contemporary South Asian History, School of History, Classics and Archaeology, University of Edinburgh

Series Editor: Crispin Bates

Volume: 2
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Asian History | History

March 2013 | 256 pages | SAGE India
The Mutiny at the Margins series takes a fresh look at the Revolt of 1857 from a variety of original and unusual perspectives, focusing in particular on neglected socially marginal groups and geographic areas which have hitherto tended to be unrepresented in studies of this cataclysmic event in British imperial and Indian historiography.

Britain and the Indian Uprising (Volume 2) looks at the varied responses of British missionaries, colonial leaders and working-class voices and how they reveal the multiplicity of British reactions to the revolt.


Introduction: Fractured Narratives and Marginal Experiences

Andrea Major and Crispin Bates
Public Perceptions of 1857: An Overview of British Press Responses to the Indian Uprising

Rebecca Merritt
Popular British Interpretations of 'the Mutiny' : Politics and Polemics

Salahuddin Malik
'Spiritual Battlefields': Evangelical Discourse and the Writings of the London Missionary Society

Andrea Major
Scottish Presbyterian Missionaries and Public Opinion in Scotland

Esther Breitenbach
Captive Women and Manly Missionaries: Narratives of Women Missionaries in India

Caroline Lewis
Ambiguous Imperialisms: British Subaltern Attitudes towards the 'Indian War'

Projit Bihari Mukharji
Being Indian in Britain during 1857

Michael H Fisher
Marginalised Victims of 1857

Rosie Llewellyn-Jones
Marginal Whites and the Great Uprising: A Case Study of the Bengal Presidency

Sarmistah De
Besieged in Common: Shared Narratives of British Men and Women in 1857

Ira Bhattacharya
Sir George Grey and Indian Rebellion: The Unmaking and Making of an Imperial Career

Jill Bender


Andrea Major

Andrea Major is a former Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, working on British attitudes to slavery in India, and now a lecturer in Wider World History at the University of Leeds. Her doctoral thesis, completed at Edinburgh University (2004), explored British interpretation of Sati (widow-burning) in India. She has written extensively on British engagements with gender and social issues in colonial India. Her publications include Pious Flames: European Encounters with Sati 1500–1830 (2006); Sovereignty and Social Reform: The British Campaign against Sati in the Princely States (Forthcoming); and Slavery, Abolitionism and Empire in India, 1772... More About Author

Crispin Bates

Crispin Bates is Professor of Modern and Contemporary South Asian History in the School of History, Classics and Archaeology, University of Edinburgh and ‘former director’ of the University’s Centre for South Asian Studies. He has published extensively on tribal, peasant and labour history in India and the history of Indian overseas migration. His publications include Subalterns and Raj: South Asia since 1600 (2007); (with Subho Basu) Rethinking Indian Political Institutions (2005), Beyond Representation: Constructions of Identity in Colonial and Postcolonial India (2005), and (with Alpa Shah) Savage Attack: Tribal... More About Author

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