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MORE Best Practices for Middle School Classrooms

MORE Best Practices for Middle School Classrooms
What Award-Winning Teachers Do

November 2012 | 200 pages | Corwin
Once again, best-selling author Randi Stone brings together best classroom practices tested by award-winning teachers in schools throughout the United States.

Written by and for middle school teachers, MORE Best Practices for Middle School Classrooms provides ready-to-go lessons and activities across the curriculum, including specific activities for teaching in science, mathematics, language arts, social studies, music, art, and physical education. Readers will find sections on assessment and technology integration plus special features that include:

- An environmental science project with ideas for involving the whole school

- A discussion of what constitutes Internet safety

- Suggestions from a string specialist about how to assess a middle school orchestra class according to the national standards

All lessons include a brief description of the objectives, a listing of relevant national or state standards, and a variety of great ideas for new and veteran teachers.

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Part I. Classroom Practices Across the Curriculum
Classroom Management and Community Involvement
Chris Anderson, New Jersey
1. The Process of Effective Classroom Management - Chris Anderson, Grades 6-8 (New Jersey)
Amy Stump, Arizona
2. Developing Collaboration With Peers - Amy Stump, Grades 6-8 (Arizona)
3. Successful Classroom Management Strategies - Julie M. Pepperman, Grades 6-8 (Tennessee)
Truman M. Savery, South Dakota
4. Taking Ownership - Truman M. Savery, Grades 6-8 (South Dakota)
Judy McEntegart, Massachusetts
5. Parent Involvement: Heroes Among Us - Judy McEntegart, Grade 6 (Massachusetts)
Using Technology in the Classroom
Sherry Crofut, South Dakota
6. Internet Safety - Sherry Crofut, Grades 6-8 (South Dakota)
Steven M. Jacobs, Michigan
7. Lights, Camera, Action! - Steven M. Jacobs, Grades 6-8 (Michigan)
Donald Fought, North Carolina
8. Using Technology to Teach Language Arts and Social Studies - Donald Fought, Grades 6-8 (North Carolina)
Rebekah Hammack, Oklahoma
9. Bridging Nations With Problem-Based Learning - Rebekah Hammack, Grade 7 (Oklahoma)
Brian C. Querry, Pennsylvania
10. Students Create Podcasts - Brian C. Querry, Grade 8 (Pennsylvania)
Darrell Yater, Ohio
11. Short-Cycle Assessments - Darrell Yater, Grades 6-8 (Ohio)
Part II. Science and Math
Teaching Science
Michalle McCallister, Texas
12. Science Energy Lesson Including Differentiation and Inclusion - Michalle McCallister, Grades 6-8 (Texas)
Bonnie Garrett, Alabama
13. Creating Booklets Explaining Energy Transformation - Bonnie Garrett, Grades 6-8 (Alabama)
Tony Carmichael, Illinois
14. Creating a Thriving Prairie - Tony Carmichael, Grades 6-8 (Illinois)
Susan Leeds, Florida
15. Scientific Building Relationships and Inquiry Skills Using Toys - Susan Leeds, Grade 6 (Florida)
Thomas J. Bennett, Indiana
16. It Is Rocket Science - Thomas J. Bennett, Grade 6 (Indiana)
Tammie Schrader, Washington
17. Teaching Students About Cells - Tammie Schrader, Grade 7 (Washington)
Steven M. Jacobs, Michigan
18. The Sustainable Green Vehicle - Steven M. Jacobs, Grades 8-9 (Michigan)
Teaching Math
Genia Webb, South Carolina
19. Coordinate Plane Aerobics - Genia Webb, Grades 6-8 (South Carolina)
Lisa Wood, Arkansas
20. How Long Will It Take? - Lisa Wood, Grades 5-6 (Arkansas)
Sarah L. Crose, Nebraska
21. The Hallway Crush: How Full Is Full? - Sarah L. Crosse, Grades 7-8 (Nebraska)
Amy Maxey, North Carolina
22. Maze Madness - Amy Maxey, Grades 7-8 (North Carolina)
Eric Melnyczenko, Illinois
23. Scale and Drawing Relationships - Eric Melnyczenko, Grade 8 (Illinois)
Part III. Language Arts and Social Studies
Teaching Language Arts
Alicia Deel, Virginia
24. Story Stew - Alicia Deel, Grades 5-6, Sepcial Needs (Virginia)
Judy McEntegart, Massachusetts
25. Teaching Reading, Writing, and Differentiation - Judy McEntegart, Grade 6 (Massachusetts)
Samantha Schwasinger, Nebraska
26. Tall Tales - Samantha Schwasinger, Grade 8 (Nebraska)
Rebecca Stallings, Alabama
27. Service-Learning Research Project - Rebecca Stallings, Garde 8 (Alabama)
Sherry Crofut, South Dakota
28. Comparing Formal and Informal Language - Sherry Crofut, Grade 8 (South Dakota)
Samantha Schwasinger, Nebraska
29. Teaching Descriptive Writing Using Song Lyrics - Samantha Schwasinger, Grade 8 (Nebraska)
Teaching Social Studies
Dale Baumwoll, New Jersey
30. Historical Character Party - Dale Baumwoll, Grade 6 (New Jersey)
Elizabeth Rees Gilbert, Maryland
31. America's Dust Bowl - Elizabeth Rees Gilbert, Grade 6 (Maryland)
Judy Lindauer, Indiana
32. Medieval Italy - Judy Lindauer, Grade 6 (Indiana)
Dale Baumwoll, New Jersey
33. The Workforce - Dale Baumwoll, Grade 6 (New Jersey)
Steven M. Jacobs, Michigan
34. War! - Steven M. Jacobs, Grades 6-7 (Michigan)
Spencer Bolejack, North Carolina
35. The Mayflower Compact - Spencer Bolejack, Grade 8 (North Carolina)
Spencer Bolejack, North Carolina
36. Graveyard of the Atlantic - Spencer Bolejack, Grade 8 (North Carolina)
Part IV. Music, Art, and Physical Education
Celebrating Music and Art
Denese Odegaard, North Dakota
37. Successful Music Through the Use of Standards and Assessment - Denese Odegaard, Grades 6-8 (North Carolina)
Amy K. Dean, South Carolina
38. Comics: Integrating Language Arts, Math, and Social Studies With Art - Amy K. Dean, Grade 8 (South Carolina)
Gayle Gruber Hegerich, New Jersey
39. Edible Color Wheels: A New Way to Introduce Color Theory - Gayle Gruber Hegerich, Grade 6 (New Jersey)
Gayle Gruber Hegerich, New Jersey
40. Chinese Zodiac: What Animal Are You? - Gayle Gruber Hegerich, Grade 7 (New Jersey)
Physical Education
Kathleen F. Engle, Wyoming
41. Feel It Today: Warm-Up and Conditioning Routine - Kathleen F. Engle, Grades 6-8 (Wyoming)
Erin Sweeney, Virginia
42. Spider Web and Human Knot - Erin Sweeney, Grade 8 (Virginia)

"There is a little something for everyone."

David Callaway, Eighth-Grade Language Arts Teacher
Rocky Heights Middle School, Highlands Ranch, CO

"Although there are many books that provide lessons and units for various levels, the lessons in this book are very well written and provide more than just the unit instructions. Providing standards is unique, and I am thankful for that."

Diane Smith, School Counselor
Smethport Area School District, PA

Randi B. Sofman

Randi Stone is the author of nine Corwin Press books: Best Practices for Teaching Reading: What Award-Winning Classroom Teachers Do, Best Practices for Teaching Social Studies: What Award-Winning Classroom Teachers Do, Best Practices for Teaching Writing: What Award-Winning Classroom Teachers Do, Best Practices for Teaching Mathematics: What Award-Winning Classroom Teachers Do, and Best Practices for Teaching Science: What Award-Winning Classroom Teachers Do. She is a graduate of Clark University, Boston University, and Salem State College. She completed her doctorate in education at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. More About Author