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More Than 100 Brain-Friendly Tools and Strategies for Literacy Instruction

More Than 100 Brain-Friendly Tools and Strategies for Literacy Instruction

April 2008 | 136 pages | Corwin
Among the most powerful messages translated from brain research to educational practice are that learning occurs best when:

Prior knowledge is activated

Students are actively engaged

Connections are created and reinforced

Opportunities are incorporated for reflection and metacognition

Student-to-student interactive social learning is promoted

This book from an international trainer and consultant goes the next step and uses these findings to inform practical implementation for literacy. The author briefly targets the relevant research and moves quickly to providing tools and strategies for teachers to use for motivation and engagement, and specifically to improve teaching and learning in the literacy domains of vocabulary and comprehension. While additional research rationale is sprinkled throughout the book, the format is 10% research and theory and 90% practical tools and strategies for classrooms. This book is packed with use-today resources for teachers to get all students off the sidelines and fully engagd in literacy learning.

About the Author
1. Brain-Based Literacy Learning - Pieces of the Puzzle
The Research Connection

Reading Comprehension and the Brain

Personal Connections

Reflect to Connect

Slow Down to Go Faster

Different Ways of Knowing - Different Ways of Showing

2. Activate to Educate!
Why Activate?

Prereading Strategies

Anticipation Guide/Prediction Guide

People Bingo


Graphic Organizers


Preview Puzzles

Sticky-Note Discussion/Graffiti Board

Story Impressions

Word Splash


Learning Lineup

Voting With Your Feet

Preview Pairs

Sort and Report

Postcard Connections

3. What Does a Brain-Compatible Classroom Look Like?
Tips for Developing a Brain-Compatible Classroom

Content and Process ("Gum" and "Chew")

State Changes

Management Tips

Grouping and Floor Plans

Learning Centers

Sample Centers

Creating Independent Learners

Strategies for Flexible Grouping

Managing for Grouping Accountability

Planning for Grouping


Carousel Cruising

Walk and Talk Tour

Newscast Reporting

Clock Buddies

Grouping "Roundup"

4. Literacy is NOT a Spectator Sport!
Note Taking/ Note Making

Summary Strategies

Picture This: Stretch to Sketch

Rhyme Time



Questioning Strategies






5. Differentiate to Motivate!
Essential Elements of Differentiation

What Is This Thing Called Differentiation?

Pieces of the Puzzle

Managing Your Differentiated Classroom

Ten Things to Try Next Week (To Encourage Independence and Differentiate Instruction)

Lesson Planning for Action

Professor of the Week

"Professor for the Week"

Active Participation Strategies

Give One/ Get One

Save the Last Word for Me!


6. Into, Through, and Beyond Boosters
Developing an Instructional Framework

"Into" Strategies

"Through" Strategies

Coding Strategy

"Beyond" Strategies

Flip Book

"Two Facts and a Fib"

Question Fan

Celebrate a Book

Fishbone Strategy

Question "Connections"



"This is a fabulous book! Hundreds of activities that can be implemented at no cost. Buy it, use it, and allow the genius of Kathy Perez to rub off on you."

Harry K. Wong, Author
The First Days of School

"This is a helpful, user-friendly book of easy-to-implement reading strategies. The coverage and length are appropriate for the busy classroom teacher."

Mary Amato, Literacy Coach
Bell Elementary School, Chicago, IL

“The book is well-organized and covers important components for reading. This is a major contribution to the recent literature on reading and brain-based teaching.”

Marilee Sprenger, Educational Consultant
Author, Becoming a “Wiz” at Brain-Based Teaching

"This book belongs on the desk of every teacher who wants to engage and excite students in brain based learning. Kathy Perez is the ultimate cheerleader for teachers and she gives teachers over 100 easy to use tools to help students succeed.”

Lori Oczkus, National Literacy Consultant and Author

"What a great resource! Clear, concise, and current, Perez's book makes effective literacy instruction a reality for teachers everywhere."

Rick Morris, Educator
Creator of "New Management"

"These strategies will provide teachers, literacy coaches, and reading specialists not only with theory but proven tools that work, making for an important classroom pick."

The Bookwatch, July 2008
Midwest Book Review

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1

Kathy Perez

Katherine Perez, a professor of education at Saint Mary’s College of California, has over three decades of teaching experience from the preschool level through graduate school. A frequent presenter and enthusiastic “teacher cheerleader,” she offers guidance to both novice and experienced educators. Perez is an international educational consultant, author, and motivational speaker, specializing in instructional strategies and creative approaches to literacy and professional development. She integrates state-of-the-art methods and research with passion and practical insights from her own classroom experiences.Perez has taught in many diverse... More About Author

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