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Mentoring Novice Teachers

Mentoring Novice Teachers
Fostering a Dialogue Process

Second Edition

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March 2014 | 184 pages | Corwin
'Mentoring Novice Teachers is thorough, comprehensive, and well thought out. The author provides an important addition to the growing number of publications about mentoring. Its focus is on the content of mentor training and development. Content is conveyed in a constructivist mode through the means of group dialogue, while at the same time, allowing for individual reflection' - Hal Portner, Author, Mentoring New Teachers

Mentoring Novice Teachers: Fostering a Dialogue Process focuses on building the knowledge, skills, and competencies mentors need in order to effectively support and guide new teachers. The book examines roles in mentoring relationships, presents strategies that foster trust and open communication, and offers practical ideas for addressing the specific needs of novice teachers. Reflections, discussion prompts, and role-plays are incorporated throughout the book to increase the mentor's awareness and promote positive and effective interactions between mentors and beginning teachers.

Enhancements to the second edition include:

o A facilitator's guide that outlines how to use this book in mentor training

o Expanded coverage of mentoring strategies and processes

o Updated research about effective mentoring and communication

o A stronger focus on the implications of mentoring individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences

This unique resource blends theory and practice in a format that meets the needs of mentors and facilitates a powerful means of support for novice teachers.

About the Author
1. Defining the Mentoring Relationship
What Is a Mentor?

Why We Need Mentors

Why We Need Mentor Training

Why Be a Mentor?

A Personal Vision of Teaching

Roles in Mentoring

2. The Heart of Mentoring: Trust and Open Communication
Building Trust

Open Communication

Building a Mentoring Relationship With an Experienced Colleague

3. Understanding the Needs of the Novice Teacher
Dealing With a Range of Needs

4. Addressing the Novice Teacher’s Specific Needs
The Need for an Action Plan and Resources

The Need for Honesty

What Student Teachers Need

5. The Mentor’s Lens
Viewing Teaching and Learning Through a Lens

6. The Conferencing Cycle
The Pre-Observation Conference

The Observation

The Post-Observation Conference

7. Data-Gathering Techniques and Tools
Qualitative Versus Quantitative Data


Proximity Analysis

Verbal Flow

Numeric Data

Video- and Audiotaping

8. Evaluating the Mentoring Experience
Program Evaluation

Evaluation for Personal Growth: Mentors

Evaluation for Personal Growth: The Novice Teacher

Resource A: Mentoring Projects
Project: Novice Teacher Resource Book

Project: Formative Action Plan

Project: Sharing Your Expertise

Project: Reflections

Project: E-Mentoring and Electronic Discussions

Resource B: Role-Plays

Additional Mentor/Mentee Situations

Resource C: How to Use This Text: A Guide for Individuals and Facilitators
Facilitator's Guide to Setting Up a Workshop

Workshop Sessions

Resource D: Web Sites for Mentors

"Thorough, comprehensive, and well thought-out. The author provides an important addition to the growing number of publications about mentoring, focusing on the content of mentor training and development. I like the way content is conveyed in a constructivist mode through the means of group dialogue, while at the same time allowing for individual reflection."

Hal Portner, Educational Consultant
Author, Mentoring New Teachers

"This practical and comprehensive guide to the complex work of new teacher mentoring is a real contribution to the field."

Charlotte Danielson, Educational Consultant

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Chapter 1

Debra Eckerman Pitton

Debra Eckerman Pitton is an Associate Professor of Education at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN, where she teaches middle school and secondary methods courses, and supervises student teachers. In addition, she conducts mentor training workshops for school districts across the country, and regularly presents at conferences. She has taught language arts at the middle school and high school levels, and interpersonal and group communication at the community college level. She has also served as assistant superintendent for curriculum and learning. More About Author

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